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  • hello fellow oregonian! i noticed Dr. Teeth posted on your page asking if you went to the Reserve or Langdon.. my grandma was a member at the reserve.. she's 70 years old and still shooting in the 80's :)..
    any good deals in the portland area i might need to know about?
    Hey OG. How did the round go today? Did you decide on the Reserve or Langdon Farms? I got out to Langdon Farms on Christmas Eve and had a really good time. Really liked the course and it was in pretty good condition. The ruff was super soggy, but other than that I was pretty happy with it. The weather even cooperated pretty well. Hope you were able to get out and had a good time.
    Hey OG I live in Albany, which is a fairly small town (50,000+) near Corvallis. Since Im new here you'll have to let me know what courses I should play.
    Hey OG! Looks like we join THP about the same time. Wanted to say Hi as a fellow Oregonian.
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