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    BBQ and Outdoor Cooking Thread

    The silverback doing work today for the wife and I's 10 yr anniversary
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    BBQ and Outdoor Cooking Thread

    did first smokes on the Alpha a couple weeks ago and did some no flip burgers for kids today as well. not the best but great start lol
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    ANNOUNCEMENT Congrats: You are Headed to the Grandmama

    congrats!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    ANNOUNCEMENT New THP Homepage is Live

    as always great work
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    THP Member "Masterclass" Topics

    How to hit a 3 wood 260 in the rain and still lose a bet @chefkritter
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    Do you Still Listen to the Radio?

    one hour commute to work each way so I am on SiriusXM all the time
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    Mesh Networks for Home Use

    Dont have the direct link but we got Netgear orbi at the house. Works well but its only one level and honestly only got it due to the amount of devices we have that are connected at all times. Works well and the kids never complain.......which means their wifi is still on lol
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    Masks on the Golf Course?

    Reason i havent golfed yet as Illinois just opened up....with a ton of rules obviously......but i just cant go golfing knowing people arent wearing the masks etc. We have local courses that are even letting folks take carts just so they can get business. Horrible all around.
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    Corona Virus/COVID19: Local Impact

    Agreed. With an at risk daughter Im more worried about bringing it home than anything. Why i get pissed when folks are not taking it seriously.
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    Corona Virus/COVID19: Local Impact

    Here locally at work (WIll County in Illinois) the cases continue to climb and being that I am an essential worker as we supply bottles and pumps to medical facilities and big pharma, its seen my daily shift increase weekly. We are currently working 12 hour days just to keep up with demand...
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    Playing Out of a Divot?

    One of my earliest THP memories was from a situation where i had to hit out of a divot. Was the Regional Rivalry and I had a ball sitting dead center of a good divot. I hit a 7 iron into the green and landed within 6 feet of the hole. @McRock was my captain and was a joy to be with for my...
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    Happy Anniversary to THP - 12 Years!

    congrats once again JB and GG. Awesome events and discussions and even better people
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    EXPERIENCE Introducing a Brand New THP Experience: The GrandMama with Callaway Golf

    Yep. Amazing. Not surprised at all with who is involved
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    UST Mamiya LIN-Q Shaft

    really need this and recoils in my life

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