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    The Side Hustle Thread

    websites and videos....mainly wordpress and other CMS and for videos mainly AE
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    Your 2021 Golf Resolution

    to play and to finally get fitted
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    CONTEST The Golden Ticket Challenge

    Congrats everyone on the 7 milly!!!! My favorite club in my bag is my Apex CF 7 iron. I use this club the most and have the most confidence in it when it comes to different types of shots. Congrats once again everyone!!!!
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    What does this logo mean to you?

    road trip
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    Favorite song lyrics, chorus or lines

    Coma by GNR always hits home for some reason
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    Favorite wing sauces?

    garlic parmesan
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    All time (non-golf) related THP thread?

    that thread and @chefkritter are the reason i own an Alpha from Grilla
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    Tag a THPer

    damn did i miss @MWard
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    CONTEST The 7 Million Post Challenge (Chapter 2: The catchup)

    morning and hope everyone has a safe holiday tonight!!
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    CONTEST THP Callaway TruVis Golf Ball

    yes and YES!! Didnt do any collecting this year but we the year prior I snagged and traded with a several THPers. Seeing these be made in person in Chicopee was just awesome (humble brag/HYPE event)
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    Countdown to 7,000,000

    apple pie shots are on the menu tonight for the wife and I
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    CONTEST The Golden Ticket Challenge

    awesome contest. callaway all the way for me!!!
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    All time (non-golf) related THP thread?

    i still recall my is Batman a superhero thread i started that ended up even getting the Callaway guys talking about it. age old argument but with soooo many threads and posts on here that was my first post that got some real replies

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