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    Irons question - Epon

    I was just trawling around on a wet Sunday afternoon and came across a pretty sweet deal on a set of Epon af-501s. I've been reading reviews and it seems they are around the Mizuno MP52 area in terms of playability/forgiveness but obvioulsy it would help to hear from anyone who has actually...
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    Hybrid replacement

    Ok so it's now official...I just cannot hit a hybrid. I've tried a few now and it's just not me. I keep reading how easy they are to hit but for me it's a thin, low slice or a straight pull/hook. They had enough warnings and after their total refusal to behave they are on the naughty step along...
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    SeeMore - just more

    I've read a lot on here about the service SeeMore give... Well my m7 turned up today. Opened up the box and there was a second package in it, I initially thought it was just the triangulator but it was too big. :confused2: Turns out they sent me a white baseball cap, a black beanie and a white...
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    Foot drills

    Hi Mr Pro guy, My Pro has been helping me to fix a horrible hook and has me doing some nice basic drills. 1. feet together - helps negate my main fault, the dreaded reverse pivot and a collapsing/weak left leg on the way back. I feel the turn with this and I also find it helps me with tempo...
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    Hybrid confusion

    I am going to replace my Mizzy hybrid. Lost all confidence with it and have been reading all teh reviews here and such like. Have really narrowed it down to 3 that I want to try - although finding a Nickent to demo is nye on impossible here. 1. Nickent 4DX 2. Cleveland DST 3. Adams Pro...
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    Hi from the UK

    Hello everyone. I am a Uk based golfer with a rich love of the heritage of golf and equally rich hatred for how frustrating this game can be. But like you, I keep coming back and love the eternal quest for that perfect day. Read a few therads and it looks a well informed and friendly...

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