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    CONTEST Hidden Links Golf Sweepstakes 5 Nights/4 Rounds in No. Ireland

    Just played Waterville three weeks ago. Thanks for the info.
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    where are the par 6 holes ?

    We just played Farmstead last week, and had a great time. Luckily we had a club member with us, so he detailed every hole for us. The 18th is the par 6, 767 from the black. The only disappointment was they had nothing in the pro shop for sale that stated “Home of the famous par 6”. My wife as...
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    Myrtle Beach Courses

    Possum Trot I believe had its last day on Thursday Oct 31 st.. From what we were told last week it was closing to build homes and condos. The Witch is in its final year for the same reason. Local residents and club members are trying to fight it. But apparently it might be a losing battle. We...
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    Myrtle Beach Courses

    Just came back from MB and had a mixed bag of weather, but great golf. We played Wild Wing, The Witch and sister course Man o War. MOW has plenty of water, challenging but really fun. We also played Farmstead which was really a challenge. Luckily we had a club member with us who was a great...
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    What is more important for you to score well?

    I would say comfort. Meaning trying to be consistent in all parts of the game, good or bad. But that’s pretty hard to do. So putting the ball in play would be it. At least I would start off giving myself a chance.
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    Are Your Greens Fees Going Up?

    Here in the NYC area, they have gone up quite a bit. If they put the money back into the course you might not mind. But they aren’t! The public courses are owned by NYC, then leased out to be maintained and run to the highest bidder. So are the price increases due to: too many rain days, too...
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    Could you do single length irons exclusively for one season?

    Well I’m doing it now. Injury delayed the start of my season, but so far I am pleased. The biggest hurdle for me in playing OL is NOT to change my stance with whatever club I’m using. For each club I set up in the center of my stance. This is also one less thing to think about when setting up...
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    CONTEST Paradise Week: Day 1: TaylorMade Spider Mini Putter

    1. To replace my old blade putter, maybe my putting will improve. 2. Bright and easy to navigate, the What’s New Tab. Great

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