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    For Sale Masters Tech Polos, Size M

    Now down to a single shirt.
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    For Sale Masters Tech Polos, Size M

    Red shirt is pending.
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    The 2021 PGA Championship Contest and Thread Sponsored By Titleist

    Brooks' hat has made a reappearance as Jason Day's shirt.
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    The 2021 PGA Championship Contest and Thread Sponsored By Titleist

    Adam Scott right of Barry Goldwater on 14.
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    The 2021 PGA Championship Contest and Thread Sponsored By Titleist

    There's an uncanny valley when a meticulously sculpted golf course designed to simulate much more naturally crafted British links course. Also: Rickie!! on 14.
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    COBRA KING 3D Printed and Vintage Series Putters

    That Stingray-40 has me super pondering a mallet. As someone who struggles with consistency of setup putting, I feel like the Sik putter face will help improve distance control, so I'm very intrigued.
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    Go to Shaving Cream?

    Used Colonel Conk for years, trying Lather & Wood sandalwood soap now. I like it, not sure if I like it enough to justify the price hike tho. Sent from my Pixel 4a using Tapatalk
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    Hottest cities ranked by heat index.

    Not listed on there, but Pensacola is the only place to make me quit a round of golf early, because it was literally too hot.
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    What golf stuff did you buy today?

    Last season's Srixon Z-Star XVs were on sale for $30 a dozen at the local Edwin Watts. Can't say no to that kinda deal, so I grabbed a couple dozen.
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    Good or bad course

    Boring design is probably the biggest factor. Lots of straightaway holes, all the par 3s are the same length, greens are overly simple. Aesthetics & location play a role, a good course next to a water treatment plant can quickly become a less good course. Lastly, a course with good conditions...
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    New Cobra KING Forged TEC Irons

    I've been pondering moving on from my King CB/MBs, so I gave the Forged Tec with Dynamic Gold AMTs a try at the local Edwin Watts. I was very impressed, not just with the looks, but they feel great, and add a little distance and a lot of forgiveness compared to my current set. I don't know that...
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    Favorite Golf Hole?

    #3 at Caledonia is such a beautiful par 3, I think that's probably my favorite.
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    PUMA Golf 2021 Volition America Collection

    I'm liking the pocket polos. Much more of a Captain America vibe than "wearing the Stars & Stripes."

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