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    Champion Sprinter Banned

    The number of times I've shown up at the end of a 45 minute drive to PT formation at 6 am to discover that, instead of doing PT, I'm going to be isolated until I can produce a sample is...not small. So I understand the outta nowhere nature of the ol' whiz quiz, and that it can feel very...
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    How much does it cost to maintain a course?

    When the quarantine started and the fort basically closed, they shut down the golf course but continued to maintain it, which made a lot of people very upset. Why spend all that money maintaining the course if no one is playing on it? Then it was explained how much it would cost to restore the...
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    Favorite BBQ Region

    South Carolina mustard style is my favorite, but my wife likes the KC I usually do KC style sauces.
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    Whats the weather like where you are

    It's the dog days of summer.
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    Is Callaway in trouble

    Callaway learned the mistakes of other organizations. You don't lose the game by having a product do poorly. You slip a little when a product does poorly. You lose the game by having a product do poorly after you've made a bajillion of them. Point being, a product getting poor reviews or not...
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    What's Your Highest Wedge Loft?

    I have a 58°, and I'm using it less and less as I get comfortable using a 54 for much more shipping and short game shots. There's just too much variance with the 58 in terms of getting the ball to do what I want, I get much more reliable results from the 54.
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    Looking For Testers: Cleveland RTX ZipCore Wedges?

    What wedges are you currently playing? Cleveland RTX-3 VMG 50° Callaway MD-4 54° Callaway MD-4 58° What gets you most excited about RTX ZipCore and what loft would you like? A company like Cleveland saying they tore a successful design like the RTX4 down and started over is the sort of thing...
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    Happy Bobby Bonilla Day 2020!

    Bobby Bonilla's agent is the smartest man in the history of pro sports.
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    Do You Want Data?

    I love it. I have Arccos, I find it pretty unobtrusive, and during the round I like overheads of the holes, especially for courses I'm not familiar with, along with the F/M/B yardages on approaches. The recommended club is a little iffy because it doesn't take into account elevation, but...
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    Been a pretty rough quarantine, so I found some projects to keep me occupied, specifically this lovely Sherwood green lady. I still need to work out some electronics issues and some minor fret-smoothing, but it's a great partscaster.
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    Change the OB Rule?

    The biggest reason, as I see it, is OB is there to remove the option of playing it as it lies. OB protects other people's property from golfers, like backyards, or parking lots with cars.
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    Change the OB Rule?

    If I ran a golf course I would have a local rule for orange stakes being a place that will be treated as a hazard for all dropping purposes like that of a yellow or red stake hazard based on the location, but without the option of playing the ball as it lies. OB might still have to exist when...
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    Will You Travel For Golf This Year?

    I was told not to expect to be able to travel for casual leave this year. While the Army hasn't yet said what the mileage away from home will be, and it's expanded from 50 in April to 150 now, I don't see myself traveling for golf in 2020 unless something dramatically changes.
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    To play a less forgiving iron.....or go with Super Game improvement....that is the question!!!!

    I went from some GI/SGI irons (Cobra King F6) to Rickie's irons (Cobra King CB/MB) and it's one of the best things to ever happen to my game. I lost some distance at the onset, but as I've gotten better about hitting the middle of the club face I got the distance back. Sitting down behind the...
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    Favorite Terrible Movie?

    Reign of Fire. Matthew McConaughey, Christian Bale, Gerard Butler headlining a film about fighting dragons! Directed by the guy who made the X-Files movie?! What could possibly go wrong! Rob Bowman would get another try at a blockbuster by directing Elektra. Ouch.

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