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    Would You Do Your Own Club Work?

    Absolutely. I do a decent amount of my own grips, and I've put adapters on driver shafts. If I had a bender, I'd do my own loft and lie adjustments. It's not money so much as I enjoy fixing/building my own stuff.
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    Presidents Cup - who does TW pick?

    Rickie likely hasn't worn pants let along swung a golf club since at least the 11th of October. Let's hope he gets in form quickly.
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    At what distance do you lay up?

    Barring over circumstances, around 230 I start really thinking I'm not getting there unless I'm really feeling a fairway wood off the deck.
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    Srixon Q-Star Tour Opinions?

    Best sub-$30/dozen ball on the market.
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    Cobra KING SPEEDZONE Hybrids and Fairway Woods

    That fairway wood in white looks SO GOOD. Has the adapter changed from the F8?
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    Cobra KING SPEEDZONE Irons

    I thought the same thing. The sheer volume of technology and willingness to do things that buck some normal trends or how irons look and function has me very interested, despite not really being in a position where I want to get new irons.
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    And here I thought I was good with the F8+. That driver looks the business, and I find the internal design updates really, really interesting.
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    2019 NFL Thread

    Weird question because it hasn't been asked in a long time...should the Chargers be in the market for a quarterback in this year's draft?
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    Ft stewart/savannah

    How's the Ft. Stewart golf courses? Fort Gordon has some pretty decent spots. Being in the Augusta area helps.
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    Highest spinning ball (from the tee box) you've ever played or seen?

    Top Flite Gamer Tour. I could hit some truly spectacular slices with that guy.
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    Question for Coders from a Hobbiest

    Same here, but the more I use PowerShell the easier I find it, and it's pretty easy to build scripts that you're going to use often.
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    Your Favorite 90s Sitcoms

    Seinfeld and Frasier.
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    What legendary putter would you want to own?

    I'd want Billy Casper's Biltmore mallet putter.
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    Question for Coders from a Hobbiest

    I'd say that while it's not a language as such, getting proficient with powershell is a huge part of my cybersecurity job, especially in an Active Directory environment.

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