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    Home security cameras

    Looking at installing some security cameras at home but there are so many options and opinions. Need at least one non-wired camera for the back where I have no electrical or cat5/6 wire, so I'm leaning towards a wifi system like Blink. What does THP recommend/use? Sent from my iPhone using...
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    Louisiana Flood Help?

    I know we have THPers in Louisiana - maybe you can help. I want to help out the flood victims but prefer local charities over some big national one like the Red Cross so I know the help goes to Louisiana. Anyone know of some good Louisiana charities that we can donate to?
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    The Official 2015 NFL Thread

    Even as a Bradley fan this is funny (we're getting snow flurries today for those who don't know)
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    Straight Talk Wireless?

    Did some searching and didn't see much of anything, so curious if any THPers have experience with Straight Talk Wireless? Any problems with speed throttling? Coverage issues? Work ok for GPS apps on the course? Our AT&T unlimited plan is getting the $5 (x2) bump and we could certainly save a...
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    The Playoffs - 2015 THP Fantasy Football

    I "was" protected to win after the 1:00 games, but so far my 4:00 guys are laying eggs. Zeros almost across the board. Losers.
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    The Happy Thread

    Took little man to his first big boy movie today to see Peanuts, his stuffed Snoopy in hand. He did really well and we all had a great time and enjoyed the movie. [emoji106]?
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    The Official 2015 NFL Thread

    Clearly the flurry of THP visits has crashed their site. Go us? Ha
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    The Happy Thread

    Semester done. Spending the morning at the beach with family.
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    Your significant other

    Happy 12th anniversary to my beautiful bride
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    Parenting Thread

    First off - Happy Fathers Day to all the THP dads. My little guy's 4th birthday was yesterday, celebrated today with a big Spider-Man party with family.
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    The Happy Thread

    My office for most of the day:
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    Pictures of the course

    This was our mostly blind tee shot on the first hole of a shotgun start - a 180ish all carry over marsh with a big oak just to the right (thanks Pete Dye you rat @$&!?#). Omni Amelia Island Oak Marsh hole 16
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    New Game Golf system

    Here's a couple of screenshots from my app with 24 rounds: As you can see, my tee shots are evenly split left and right but I know I can try for the back right of any green on approach shots to improve my chance at a GIR since I most often come up short left.
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    The Official 2015 NFL Thread

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    Amelia Island March 6-12

    This might help too From the jacksonville mom's blog with things to do in the area. A few restaurants mentioned.

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