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  • yah, went to him in march , definately helped me develop my game , alot of focus on weight shift, and getting forward through the shot
    I think my favorite part for the Scor is how the V sole works for the bounce. Its been helpful from all types of lies. I did the 30 day trial with one 58* and liked it enough to add the 54* later. I recomend the 30 day trial with one.
    Do you know a guy at southwood who has an electric push cart? I started talking about wishon clubs and he said his friend had the some. Just curious, unfortunately i dont know his name
    Dromo? No sir, it is merely the stock Miyazaki in Stiff. Would love to get into more specialized shaft selections, but don't really have the resources out here to do 'em. Enjoying the stock selection, really like it.
    Ha, goes to show that bombs don't really matter as I still shot a 91. My short game and putting is a mess. Shot a 91 with 42 freaking putts. Kill me now.
    AXE shaft is the real deal. I'll get some pics and post them up here. Very solid shaft. built it to 44.25 and a high SW in case I wanted to drop it down to 44 like my other 919thi. Had a great driving day with it literally 8 hrs after the epoxy dried, lol. NO practice with it and hit 10/14 FW's and a couple huge bombs over 280.
    I played it yesterday for the first time and man o man is it awesome. I have never had great times with a hybrid but this thing is just amazing. I struggle with hooks with a hybrid and this thing just begs to go straight. I hit it 4 times yesterday and all shots with it were good and one great one I knocked 216 to a protected green. When I can get some more cash i'm going to get the 3 or 2 also.
    Ya, the 775's were great for me tonight. If I didn't hit my 5 wood pretty well I'd be getting the 18 degree for sure.
    Wishon White hybrid shaft in stiff, no tipping, plays perfectly. took it out again today and it is so straight it's amazing. I may get a 5 (27) and a 2 (18) and lose my 19.5...
    Dude, the 775 is FOR REAL! I have always struggled with hybos and while I think the W/S Fybrids are ok, I am so inconsistent with them. I took it to the range yesterday and WOW. Bomb after bomb. Straight as an arrow. I literally could not hit it offline or chunk it. I'll have to wait to hit it on course, but so far so good. If it continues, I may get a 5 as well.
    I have a spare 11* if you are interested. I was thinking of reshafting it, but would consider selling it to you.
    I actually have a 919 in 9* with an NVS in it right now, near brand now, I don't do well with 9*, lol...
    Yeah, the i20 5i is a 27* though, and my new Ci11's have a 26* 5i. If I went with a 24*, that is only 2* gap... I might get my lofts adjusted though, but I would leave my 5i @ 26 as I prefer 4* gap b/w each iron and the Ci11's have 3* 5-9 and 4* with the 8-GW. If I do that, then I think a 22 or 23 4h would work, then a 19 or 20.
    I still can't decide what lofts to get, are you hitting the 3 and 4 about the same as your old 3 and 4 irons? a 3 is 21 and a 4 is 24, my current 5 iron is a 26, so I just don't know what to do. I may just get a handpicked to 23, or 22 then a 19.
    sweet, I'm ordering a couple to build up and can't decide If I want the 3 and 4 or just the 4...
    Sweet dude, I actually just got my Wishon acct today so I plan on getting at least 1 to try out. let me know how you like yours.
    Nice pick up on the i20s man!!!! my irons should be back from reshafting any day now....
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