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    Rangefinders? Seriously?!?

    If there's a 150 mark, and you can't tell how far you are from that, what good is a rangefinder going to do you?
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    Ping Eye2+ LW, in or out?

    I have my old Snake Eyes wedges in the bag now, but they're annoying me. The bounce is the thing that's bugging me. The bounce on my Ping is more rounded and I like how that lets me open it up without fearing a skulled shot to the right. According to Ping's presentation of its usage, I think...
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    Your most idiotic ideas for course designs

    I have a dreadful time getting to sleep, so I play a lot of little mental games to help me doze off. One of them is designing idiotic golf courses in my head (though, at the time, they seem brilliant). What follows are some of my favorites. A par3 course with no fairways. Instead of fairways...
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    Just realized I forgot to do one of these. Recently rebitten by golf after not playing for nine years, and then, just a few times a year in the past couple of years. Also, decided to start playing with a full bag of clubs instead of five, or less. No idea what half of them do. Spares, maybe?

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