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    برای انتخاب یک وکیل خوب روی لینک زیر کلیک کنید.

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    Can't go wrong though, there's lots of great golf in Utah, and most of it is reasonably priced too! I really hope I can make it to an event sometime next year - if they come up to the PNW its a lock, and if they're near Philly again I might have to take a trip home!
    Thanksgiving Point is a great course. Long, and very tough, but fair. Greens are very difficult if they're rolling fast, because they have a lot of break and there are several multi tiered ones. The wind just about always kicks up there in the afternoons, so be prepared for that to make things interesting on the back 9! It's much cheaper Sun - Thurs, so if you can play on one of those days you'll save a fair bit of coin.

    If you're looking for other courses near Provo, I would suggest taking a look at Talons Cove in Saratoga Springs (links style, tons of sand) or Hobble Creek in Springville, which is a short but tricky little course in a slot canyon in the Wasatch Mountains. If you have time to drive a half hour or so, check out Wasatch Mtn State Park or Soldier Hollow, which are way up in the mountains and have incredible views.
    Would be great to meet you too man! I am 20 minutes west of SLC right now, kind of in the burbs, but unfortunately I am moving to Washington (State) on July 1st so I don't think that will work out! Where are you going to be staying for your visit out here? Even if I'm not around at that time, I can probably at least give you some tips on what courses to play in the area.
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