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    Random encounters off the golf course

    Just met Angela Bowie - ex of David Bowie and the original TV Wonder Woman - terrific and totally random meet. Bought a book from her about the glam rock days and gave her info on my son's metal band.
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    Random matchups at tee time

    Ever get matched up in a group with a guy as a walk up who claims some claim to fame and then when you search for him online or elsewhere you can't find anything on him, nothing. Well the opposite happened to me the other day. Played with a guy who was a very good player obviously, shot -1 on...
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    Roku, hulu, vudu, revue replacing regular tv service - good - bad - not practical?

    Has anyone cut their cable or dropped their satellite to go strictly hulu or vudu or whatever, with a roku box or revue or other internet video box? Just curious if it is viable or not. I could easily cut my cable if I can get coverage on some basic shows my wife watches all the
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    What is your pre-shot routine?

    If you don't have one get one, no matter how you do it a pre-shot routine is critical to getting mentally and even physically ready to hit a proper golf shot. Here is mine with reasons for why I do it in parens: Check the yardage either GPS, laser or markers on the course and check the lie...
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    Different wedge problem

    I have been having a problem with just killing my wedges lately. Killing them, hitting them like 20 or more yards past what would be normal for me. Any idea what would cause this? I hit my 60* lob wedge something like 120 yards the other day from about 80 yards out, clear over everything...
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    Brag about your kid, grandkids, or whatever

    I have to brag about my kid once in a while. He is going to be auditioning to play with the Greater Dallas Youth Orchestra this year. If he is accepted he will rehearse and perform on stage with the youth orchestra and with the Dallas Symphony at selected events throughout the year. It is a...
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    Another Texas golfer

    Golf is life for me. I eat sleep and breathe it - my work and other hobbies are a distant second. I am 56 years old but healthy as a 30 year old, able to play still at a pretty high level, 5.5 handicap, and I am improving every day still. I will be under 5 before the end of the year and my...

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