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  • Hi - sorry - just saw your PM. I've been out of town. Our games are probably close. In season I'm a 7 but right now more like an 11, did shoot an 82 on Saturday on a tough course so we'll see what guy shows up. I can't play on Friday as I have several commitments at work but will try to get a practice round in on Wednesday.

    Look forward to meeting you.

    That sounds good to me. I'll definitely be ready by then. I'll probably give you a call Wednesday night and we'll get all the plans finalized. I'm trying to decide if I need to bring a safe for my trophy on the way home so it doesn't taken.
    I've had the Project X 6.0 flighted in my irons for the past 4-5 years. When I got fitted, he told me the Dynamic Gold S300s would be a much better fit for my swing, so I'm getting those in with the X Forged irons.

    I played Saturday when it was low 40s and windy. I had to walk just so I could stay warm. I would rather walk anyway. I really hope it's not like that over there. I don't know if I can handle another one of those rounds this year.
    The 15 day forecast for Dallas isn't looking like I was hoping. Right now it's showing highs in the upper 50s and cloudy. I hope it changes before we get there. I was hoping for something around 70.

    I got my Razr X Forged irons ordered and they "should" be here before the Dallas trip. Hopefully I'll have time to take them out to the range and get comfortable with them before the trip. Since the time changes this weekend, I'll be getting out on the range every day next week getting things dialed in.
    Thanks, man. Salve has a beautiful campus down there in Newport, I'll actually be down there later today for a meeting.
    What irons? Oh, and the Edwin Watts demo day usually starts at noon and lasts until 5 or 6.
    I'm about to get the 5 wood as well. I talked to the pro at Squire today and asked him if he would suggest a 5 wood or hybrid and he said since I'm hitting the x hot 3 wood so well, that I should get the 5 wood. So I've got that and a new set of irons in my near future.
    They told me 9 to around 5-ish. I'm planning on leaving my office around 3 and getting there about 3:30.
    I'm not sure of the specs of the one I'm getting. They only wanted to know what flex of shaft, and I told them stiff. I don't know the weight or anything on it. It should be here in the next few days and I'll let you know more specifics then.

    I'm not sure how hotel points work since I don't get points for anything. Does that mean you got a free room? How much do I owe you for it?
    Haha! When I saw I got selected for the R1, I think my whole office thought I won the lottery. I didn't think I would get selected. This is the first time I've gotten to test some equipment other than golf balls.
    Leaving early Friday and playing Friday and Saturday is fine with me. I told Cookie yesterday we would play Sunday, but I'll send him a message and let him know we are going to play Friday instead. That room is fine with me if it's fine with you. If you want to do something cheaper, that's fine too. I'm not a hard one to please.

    I haven't hit any of the TaylorMade stuff yet, although I got selected to be a tester for the R1, so I'll hit it when it comes in. I hit the Rocketballz from last year, and I didn't get the distance I was getting out of my Razr Fit. I did hit the Razr Fit Extreme this past weekend, and I really liked it, but I don't know that I hit it any farther than my Razr Fit I have now. I'm interested to try out the R1 and the XHot from Callaway.
    I'm definitely good for that. The only thing I need to get back for is work Monday morning, so as long as we are back by 8:00 Monday morning I'm fine. If they have a round Friday afternoon, I'm good with that too, but I wasn't sure what time you wanted to leave Friday. That's all up to you.
    I can reserve it then we can just split it upon checkout. Yeah, I'd go play. I'm going to have to wait until the February. I'm in Vegas all week this week and NJ the week after next. I'm gonna have a tough time getting out after the wife having the kids all that time... If I find the in-laws will have them over a weekend, I'll let u know.
    That looks good to me. Did you want me to book it or did you want to? Either way is fine with me. If you do it, I'll paypal you the money asap. Any chance you want to get together for a round in a couple of weeks. I can't this weekend, but if you wanted to the next weekend or sometime after that, I'd be up for it.
    Homewood Suites is fine. I assume the one linked on the first page of that thread... Yeah, we lost power for two days- it just came back on. I'm in Vegas so my wife had all 3 kids with two of them sick already...
    Judging by the Dallas Invitational thread, it looks like many of the guys are going to be staying at Homewood Suites. Did you by any chance run across that when you were looking at prices the other day? I didn't know how much they were or where it was located. It seems to be a pretty centrally located place, though. Anyway, just thought I would toss that out there. Hope you didn't have any issues in the ice storm. It sounds like it was a little worse over your way than it was here in Ruston.
    Yeah, I was shocked that I didn't get them to be honest... Albatross Member and all. Yeah, I'd love to get a round in somewhere. I went to Chennault to hit balls today and spent about 40 minutes just trying to figure out my driver swing... I've lost it! I need some heads-up about playing as my wife works Saturdays and I watch the three little ones. U have my cell in a previous message. Let me know.
    I did. I kind of figured just about everybody that signed up was going to get selected. Sucks that you didn't get selected. We need to get a round together (maybe Chennault or somewhere over there) and I'll bring them with me when I get them and let you play them.
    I'll need my own room as I snore like its nobody's business! I'm going to check on some Marriott points and I'm good with staying around Six Flags to be near any others.
    I didn't even think to ask you if you wanted to split a room or get separate rooms. It doesn't matter to me either way. I just realized I hadn't mentioned it. If we get separate rooms, just let me know what hotel you book and I'll book the same one.
    We can stay at any of those places. I know there were several others that were staying close to Six Flags and that would be fine too. I guess as long as we are somewhere in the Arlington area and don't have an hour or so drive to the course, I'm good with it. Did you want to book it and me pay you back or did you want me to book it and you pay me back. Either is fine with me.
    It doesn't matter to me. We can probably leave anytime that Friday, and if you wanted to stay for that Sunday morning round, that should be fine with me as well. There is a chance I may have a job change in the next few weeks/month, and that may possibly change things, but if the job gets offered to me, then I'll let them know that I already had plans for that weekend and that shouldn't be a problem. As far as where we stay, as long as it's somewhere in the area of the golf course, I really don't mind.

    I know you said you don't mind taking your company car and that's fine with me. I just had one question. I usually use a staff bag so I wanted to make sure you had room for that in your car. If not, I also have a stand bag that I can move my stuff to and that would be fine as well. Just let me know.

    Yes. Monroe. Where do u play? Tough going over here with Chennault being in such horrible shape. I've gone to Boeuf River the last two times I played to catch 9 on a Friday afternoon. I played Black Bear twice last month, but it's such a haul.
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