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    NorCal Crew hangout thread

    Well have fun down south, hit em straight!
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    NorCal Crew hangout thread

    Hey brother, all is well up here, loving life and having fun. Cool forum name! How goes it?
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    NorCal Crew hangout thread

    Whomever is current with the NorCal group send me a note and I’ll update the first page to whatever you guys want. Cheers!
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    I will rate your dog

    165 pounds of love, unless you are from SoCal.
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    30 Pull ups a day for 30 days.

    There is a great trend in here this year for peeps to get into or continue things to improve quality of life. So in that vain, here is another excercise challenge and it can be a hard one. 30 wide grip pull ups a day for 30 days. It will increase flexibility, back, shoulder, arm, grip strength...
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    Long distance Moving company recommendations

    Help, please. I need first hand recommendations for a long distance moving company. I have found that these people can be scavengers and I want somebody with first hand experience to recommend a reputable company. I have gotten several quotes but each and every company seems to leave the door...
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    NorCal Crew hangout thread

    Just a note for the NorCal brothers that knew Louie from our get togethers, he took his last breath today, peacefully. Doesn’t make it any easier and I will miss him. The sweetest dog ever! So long Louie you will be missed terribly!
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    Minimalist living, who else likes less is more?

    I have pretty much never been much of a hoarder, usually kept the clutter to a minimum. im taking it to a new level for my next move. I’m throwing out, or selling pretty much anything I havnt used lately, or associate with my past married life. It all goes, fresh re-start. It’s refreshing to...
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    FS- 13-XXL Golf Shirts my loss (fat) is your gain!

    Hi, I have 13 shirts. 1 pebble beach 4 Adidas 1 Black clover 1 Oakley 4 Ashworth 2 Chase 54 A few have been worn a dozen times, few only a couple of times, some once, and one never (black clover). All are clean and in great condition, no rings or anything gross like that. Im selling the...
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    Too many tech decisions for average THP golfers?

    Do you think the average THP golfer puts too much thought into: grips, shafts, head weights, shafts weight, grips size, driver degree, driver weight, hot melding, iron size, top line looks, iron weights, putter length, putter weight, putter alignment lines, head shape, driver shaft flex, iron...
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    Photo Heavy The Food Porn Thread

    Yum! That's sounds awesome!
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    Photo Heavy The Food Porn Thread

    What kind of sauces? Looks wonderful but a little dry, or could just be the pic, or me and my fat tendencies wanting things smeared in goodness, lol.
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    Bose Quiet Comfort 35 Wireless Headphones

    Has anybody tried these? I'm looking for a great set of sound canceling headphones for meditation, working out, and just shear escapism. I know there a ton of opinions about Bose, but I am hoping to hear from some of you who use their stuff. Thanks! P.s, I can get $40 off by using google express...
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    Dicks Sporting Goods Sent me a Half Dozen new Taylormade balls

    Got a package from Dicks 2 days ago which had 5 new Taylormade balls and a $5 off coupon for additional dozens of Taylormade, asking me to switch. Never asked for this, they just sent it to me. Prob because I used to buy my golfballs there in the past, not sure.

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