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    1st Round

    Played my first round of golf this year on my Charlotte Vacation! Shot 74 at EAGLE CHASE GC in Marshville, NC Pictures to follow
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    Pretty sure ive mentioned this but i couldnt remember if i posted a thread Oakmont was rediculously amazing my profile pic teeing off on hole 18! Classic design and i loved the flag poles that you aim shots by! Teaches a player to trust his swing
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    Apology from Ohio

    As i posted on a previous thread, and probably not the right thread to apologize on i would just like to say this: I would like to apologize to the members of this site for "welcoming" to many people. I understand how much it could upset people on here and it was brought to my attention, though...
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    Hello from OHIO

    My name is Tony and i am from Elyria, Ohio. Im a 2 Handicap and love this game, i had the privelage of playing OAKMONT CC, this year and Canterbury Golf Course too. I really think this website is a great place to check out

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