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    On the plus side, putting was ‘excellent’. EXCEPT- there were SIX lip outs of putts from outside 10 feet. Every one of them ended up less than 6” away and 90° off line. 🤬
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    Switched from strong to neutral grip and developed a slice!

    Almost EVERY instructor will advise that you be able to see 2 or 3 knuckles of your left hand (for righties). this generally indicates a slightly strong grip.
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    Your Focus - Eyes, Ball

    You know... A famous Coach gets $1000 an hour for things like this. So... I'll expect a check for 48 cents (the prorated rate for taking 3 seconds to read mine, less the THP Members discount, of course). :)
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    The Mizuno Experience Contest and Live Update Thread

    I'm on a roll with picking Morikowa last week... So... Team Vosh.
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    Flu shot, shingles shot, or any other vaccine. Did yiou have a poor reaction?

    Flu shots, Covid Vax- no reactions at all. I actually thought there was something wrong when I didn't have any reaction to the Covid shots. Barely felt them going in and no after effects whatsoever. Only time I had a reaction was the first of the two Shingles shots. The site became a bit sore...
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    Most tragic/worst TV show or Movie ending?

    No, I m not crying... it's allergies... If you didn't have "allergies" at the end of Brian's Song, you were dead or a psychopath
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    CONTEST Enter To Win: Dream Foursomes with True Temper and Callaway Golf

    You know… I’m NOT going to watch this thread anymore. Some nut job may have put my name in and posted it in the thread. Highly unlikely, I know… but it would be nagging at me that who I picked isn’t who picked ME. You know what I mean? So- see ya when it’s over and all settled. And good luck to...
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    Bubba playing 6,100 yard tees

    I always thought about what a "Pro" would do at my local growing up. But over the years, it occurred to me that they may not do as well as I thought. Sure, it's "only" 6100 (or whatever) yards. But if they come out there not knowing anything about the place, they'll have the same problems us...
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    CONTEST Enter To Win: Dream Foursomes with True Temper and Callaway Golf

    I'm in and so are two Rando's from the listings. <shrug>
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    CONTEST Enter To Win: Dream Foursomes with True Temper and Callaway Golf

    I guess my Evelyn Woodhead Speed Reading Comprehension isn't working today... :rolleyes:
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    Review Tour Edge Exotics C721 Driver Review

    Just got through with 3 days in Ocean City in the EXTREME heat and for the most part, it really came through. The faults are not in the club and my misses were almost as extreme as the heat was. I think it was just so draining that I couldn't put the right moves on the ball. At least by the 2nd...
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    2022 Masters Ticket Application process is open

    I'M GOING... to be watching on TV. Unless, I can really butter up the bosses here and let me go as a favor for 40+ years of employment at CBS. Many years ago, I was slated to go as part of the "setup" crew. Lugging Monitors, pulling Cables, etc... I would have essentially "all...

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