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    Why Are You NOT Scheduling Lessons

    I’m 60. I’m not rich. I’m not chasing numbers anymore. I have a home grown swing that works for me... mostly. If I need to work on something in particular, I work on that knowing my particular swing. Generally play the same courses through the year and just playing will get me the practice I...
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    Will You Travel For Golf This Year?

    Last years trip to Ocean City, MD was cancelled fairly early on. Well, we could have gone since hotels and courses were up and running, but restaurants and bars were a crap shoot. We didn’t want to to take out to the room every night. We just booked for July and things should be relatively okay...
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    The dad joke thread

    My wife asked if i’d seen the dog bowl... “I didn’t know he could...”
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    Do you change tee height to influence path?

    Yes. oh, I guess you want to know how... If I want a high(er) draw or fade, I will up the tee a notch, and move ball a touch forward. Lower draw or fade I'll knock it down a touch, and move ball back a touch. Swing path gets adjusted for each one.
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    Tiger Woods in Car Crash

    I wish him a speedy recovery. And I wish he won't be beatified on the Golf channel for the next week... again.
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    How much does noise bother you when playing?

    Oh- almost forgot. I never mentioned playing at The Silver Dollar Golf and Trap Club near my parents place in FL. Never knew when a barrage of gunshots would go off. Trap range used to be next to the 10th fairway. They moved it across the street but was then next to the 17th hole. You got used...
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    Do you think 6,500 yds is a long course?

    No-ish... Depends on where those extra 300-400 yards are. 200 yard par 3’s? 450 yard 4’s? Or stretched out 5’s with reasonable 3’s and 4’s.
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    How much does noise bother you when playing?

    Growing up on less than stellar courses where decorum seemed to be a unknown entity, “quiet” was generally out of the question. Tees were close to greens, so there were always the whoops and shouts of a 10 footer for an eight or similar. Many holes bordered noisy roads, backyards of people with...
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    Can Courses Handle the Golfer Influx Long-term?

    Around here, in season, sheets are full, no matter what. You can’t squeeze any more people out just because there are more that want to play. You might find some greedy owners who might shorten intervals, but they quickly learn that people won’t put up with 6 hour rounds because of the usual...
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    Aging, Ego, and Tees

    Just turned 60. Still good from tees that run 6K to 6.5K. Last SS check was 103/105 in early 2020. No physical issues to speak of other than a balky back or knees that sometimes will act up. Just makes me swing smoother, which doesn’t affect distance too much. A few years ago, I was paired up...
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    What is the furthest you have ever putted from off the green?

    I see people with 10-20 yards or more. How? You must play on some pristine conditioned courses! I’m lucky if I can do it from 10-20 FEET. Even then, I might go with a hybrid or 3wd to get through the gnarly stuff I have to deal with at the local munis. If I take putter, I would have to smash it...
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    Muni golf success in 2020

    I'm wondering. Were those rounds listed as actually being played, or did they just use the tee sheets. As courses required advanced tee times, many people got in, grabbed a 4 spot for whatever day, then didn't show up because of one reason or another. People were panic booking. I'm basing that...
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    Every shot may count...

    But my goodness, this is like watching paint dry. Back to bingeing Warehouse 13.
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    Buyer beware. Please read.

    If you go to these places, then what do you expect to buy? Many Christmas’s ago, I bought about 6 ‘Rolex’ watches in Chinatown for friends and family as a kind of joke gift. Plus one for me. Cost me $60. I know how a Rolex sweeps around the face. These didn’t sweep, they clicked along. To be...

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