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  • Hi Richard,

    That is extremely kind and generous I would love a swing with some, although the reviews are very mixed!!

    Obviously I will keep it between us otherwise you will have everybody and the dog after you.

    Would you mind sending them to G. Norman, South Nottingham College, West Bridgford, Nottingham NG2 7GA

    Many thanks again,

    However, thank you very much for the advice with regards the shafts flex etc. I had intended to go there and buy a set of burner 2's ( yeah - because they look good and have good reviews) though I will now on your advice go there and let them tell me what is the right club - open mind:)
    I shall also take my R9s with the normal stock stiff shaft and ask him to have a quick check on the swing speed. I am fairly happy with the distance result but it would be interesting to see if I can improve my dispersion. Hopefully i shall be able to have enough time to discuss this with him and at least get my swing speed with each club and then research if there are any gains to be made by changing.
    Many thanks once again for taking the time , i truly appreciate it, and if your ever in Germany, you got a favour in the bank and a beer on the bar.
    Regards, Dez
    Richard, apologies for the delay, i replied to the email, instead of posting it here, so i have just cut and paste it to resend:Thank you very much for taking the time to reply so eloquently and in such detail. I truly appreciate it. I have only just joined THP and have not updated my profile as I am currently in Afghanistan finishing of a 6 month deployment and the internet is a rather slow, though after taking the game up 2 years ago and working hard to get down to 19 ;-) i think i need to change the profile HCP - though sometimes wish I had 36 shots to play with. I will try and send the Belfry an email as it proves very difficult to get through to them on the phone and we have an almost 5 second delay on calls back to the UK, it makes things very difficult unless you are speaking to someone you know, and understand why there is such a delay.
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