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    Tour Event Contest: 2020 Genesis Invitational Sponsored By Golf Pride

    Tiger Woods is my choice. For the tie breaker I would guess 10 out of ten will use golf Pride grips!
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    My Club Champion Iron fitting experience

    Fantastic write up, appreciate your effort! I have heard their prices are pretty high before!!
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    Best OTR Top 8: (4)TaylorMade Spider X vs (5)Odyssey Double Wide

    Double wide for me. I really didn’t care for the insert on the Spidr!
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    CONTEST The KBS Experience: Win a Free Trip, Fitting, Shafts and More

    Bought my shafts without being fitted but would to make sure they are at least close to what I need!!
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    NEWS True Temper Binary Shafts + Contest

    How do determine the correct shaft weight and kickpoint required per individual swing?
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    ANNOUNCEMENT Congrats: You Are Headed to PGA National with Mizuno

    Congrats, sounds like it will be amazing!!
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    Callaway Odyssey Triple Track -vs- Taylor Made Spider X & TP5 PIX

    Triple Track for my eyes!
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    CONTEST The Mizuno Experience: Win a Free Trip, Clubs and More

    It would be fantastic to be selected for this event!!!
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    Video Mizuno Clubs, Trip and More

    Sounds incredible!
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    If You Had the Power

    Four straight Super Bowl wins for the Bengals!!! It is fantasy.......right!!!!
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    LIVE UPDATE THREAD 2020 PGA Merchandise Show

    Looking forward to all the great coverage!
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    does your home course require collared shirts?

    No, but if they don’t have collars then the shirt must be designed for golf. I don’t really agree with it but it is what it is!!
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    How Far Do You Hit Your Sand Wedge?

    My 55 degree SW goes about 85 yards on a good strike.
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    Give us a good quote.

    “No one is totally can always serve as a bad example!” Sounds like my golf game!
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    "Jacked" Lofts in 2020

    I don’t think it really matters. If the lofts help you enjoy the game more then enjoy it! Why not??

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