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    Which Club is Key?

    Putter. Always putter.
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    do you expect to mishit the ball ?

    I never plan for a mishit regardless of how I'm swinging for the day. A set up for failure.
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    Deal of the Day and Coupon Code thread Pretty decent deal for my fellow Callaway fanbois.
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    THP'ers Random Acts of Kindness

    I found it a little too large and cumbersome for my putter but it's absolutely perfect for my hybrid. (y)
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    Random pairings generator?

    Good question. We have a team event coming in June (I believe) for our AZTHP group. I'm curious how teams will be picked..........:unsure:
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    What are you listening to today?

    Listening to a shuffle of Blackberry Smoke this morning. I'm not a fan of anything country leaning or even Southern Rock but, for some reason, I love this band.
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    THP'ers Random Acts of Kindness

    I have that same one. I use it on my hybrid and it works perfectly! (y)
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    Do you brush your teeth before or after your morning coffee?

    Both. I have a cold brew in the morning, brush my teeth before I leave the house and immediately go to Circle K and get another cup of coffee. 🤷‍♂️
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    Light Bulbs vs Dark Suckers

    I fear if I touch this I'll end up in the Matrix..............
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    What do you normally do after a round of golf?

    It really depends for me. Saturday rounds, if I'm playing with friends, I'll typically sit around and have a beer and some wings at the clubhouse for about an hour. Sunday morning I spend with the wife. It's the only day of the week that we really eat any type of proper breakfast and it's just...
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    What waffle shape is best?

    I voted Mickey. It would mean that I'm in Disneyland/Disneyworld.
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    Brushing your teeth

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    Brushing your teeth

    All I know is that there's a lot of people with lotion in a basket around here.............
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    Brushing your teeth

    It's serial killer gas.........
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    Brushing your teeth

    You and I.......same page.

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