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    In between shaft flexes..

    This is a tough nut to crack without a hands-on fitting but it can be done albeit with with some risk. Knowing your swing speed is important, as is knowing the profile of a shaft that does work for you. I am in a similar position as you (driver SS = 112) and knew that HZRDUS 6.0 was not stiff...
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    Why aren't there any Maltby club reviews?

    Yes indeed. This is my first time configuring a wedge set with any real purpose or thought behind it so we will see how it goes. Full swing assignments are pretty straightforward: PW = 140, GW = 120, SW = 105, LW = 75ish. In the short game, I really like chipping with an iron profile in the...
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    Why aren't there any Maltby club reviews?

    Another update: I replaced the 52* M-Series+ head with a DBM GW head bent 1 flat and 1 weak. I prefer a more iron-like head in that spot. White paint fill removed from all and paired with black shafts, so this Dream Team is fully blacked out. Love the look and performance of this setup. GW: DBM...
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    Overlapping Numbers or Lofts

    Back when I upgraded my irons, and before I upgraded my wedges, I ended up having a 46* PW and 53* GW. So I had the PW from my old set bent to 49* and played two pitching wedges. Loved it.
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    Recommendations for a Sunday Bag

    Shapland is another higher end boutique option. Currently out of stock until May and I’ll be one of the first in line when they are back. I like the classic simplicity of the Jones models too but Shapland takes the cake for me.
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    Why aren't there any Maltby club reviews?

    I finally got around to removing the white paint fill on my DBM-finish wedges. The first one looks phenomenal. The M-Series+ is being discontinued so hopefully we will see another black DBM wedge from them in the future.
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    New Level Golf - 902 Forged Irons

    Fortunately, New Level makes their paint fill very easy to remove (just acetone). These are Royal Grips Perf Wrap grips (only $3.99/each, somehow) and I replaced the paint fill with gold (also removed the iron # label and New Level hosel text but left them blank). Now, if only my swing would...
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    Bridgestone Bringing Irons?

    I know this. Just pointing other members that direction if they don’t want to wait for Bridgestone to come out with something they like. DTC companies like New Level are difficult for the uninitiated to discover seeing as they don’t sponsor forums, appear in many WITB signatures, etc. Cheers.
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    Bridgestone Bringing Irons?

    You all should check out New Level. Their 902 is a good imitation of the J36/38/40 pocket cavity and the new PF-2 is pretty similar to the J15 CB. Both are single piece forged with CNC milling to shape the head and feel amazing. Well under $1k with most shafts. 902: PF-2:
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    WINN grip users

    I gamed Dri-Tac Wraps for a season and liked them. These were my first wrap style grips and I really liked what they did for my grip pressure. However a few grips did start to come apart at the seams after a year or so (~25 rounds and range sessions). I switched over to NDMC’s last summer and am...
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    Are you open minded to smaller companies?

    This is where I come down as well. Iron and wedge design seems to change less and you see more small players with well reviewed options. Advanced material incorporation (microspheres, MIM, etc.) could change this in the long run, but even Sub 70 has an iron with injected elastomer. Woods are a...
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    Are you open minded to smaller companies?

    As someone who hits Snell golf balls with New Level irons, Maltby wedges, and a Yes! putter ... yes I am. The costs of R&D and innovation end up being passed to the consumer. If you can find what you want in trailing edge technology, or identify parts of the bag where new tech doesn’t matter...
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    Video Help categorize my transition | Shaft suggestions

    Thanks. I actually came to like the Yellow in my driver. It wasn’t until very recently, after two plus years of getting used to the Yellow, that I first hit a non-CB HZRDUS shaft and saw what I had been missing. After hitting a lot of 3Ws in a row (first range session with the new club)...
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    Video Help categorize my transition | Shaft suggestions

    This may be a little weird, but I’m posting my swing to see how you folks would describe my transition for shaft fitting purposes. I have recently come to worry that my driver shaft may be too weak for me. Video: Driver: swing speed is around 112. Shaft is HZRDUS Yellow in 6.0 flex, club is...
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    Were You Fit For Your Current Driver?

    I hit a few drivers on an indoor simulator but that was it. This was a few years back, before I knew anything about different shaft profiles. I suspect that I am right in between the PX 6.0 flex I have now and a 6.5 (potentially in lighter weight), so nailing that down will be my focus if I ever...

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