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  • hey dude I hope you're doing alright especially with the family issues and all, be safe and hang in there!

    Wow, 280. You are playing a different game than I am! :) Thanks for the info on the AXE shafts, I've yet to hear a negative review on them.
    Um, ya I told you!! :) I've also had these crazy thoughts of going with a 5. The scary thing is...they make a 31 degree as well! What did you shaft it up with?
    Sorry, I just saw your post now. I hadn't heard or Integra but it sounds like they make a good shaft. You know what though, I think my wallet needs a rest. I've bought a hell of a lot of clubs this year. Thanks anyway though.
    It's at 44.25, and It's a Integra iDrive tour Lite shaft in Stiff. Compares to a Proforce V2.
    Well, it's shafted up right now, I could sell to you as is or whatever you want. barely used. It's the white version
    I was actually thinking about getting the 11 degree model. See, I have a 10.5 right now but it's 3 degrees closed, which puts it over 12 degrees of loft when I square it up...
    What would you charge for a 919 with a Blue 55 shaft? I'd like to try a head with a little less loft and less draw bias.
    Standard i20 5 iron is 27* but I had them bend it to 26*. So I only have a 2 degree gap, but with the distance I'm getting from the 775 I think if I went with a 23 degree 4 hybrid I'd have a big gap there. That's just me though.. :)
    I'm struggling a bit with dialing in my i20's and hybrid distances because I've not played enough rounds yet. I'm trying to do this at my range time but it's not the same (range balls, etc). I have a 21 degree, 24 degree and 26 degree also. You could get a handpicked 23, but I have to say that I have AT LEAST a 10 yard gap between my 5 iron and my 24 degree hybrid. And my 24 degree hybrid is built to the SAME shaft length that my old 4 iron was - yet it's at least 5 yards longer than my 4 irons was. Now, I didn't hit my 4 iron very consistently so part of that is the basic forgiveness of the hybrid and part is the hot face.
    So, if you hit your 5 iron pretty solidly right now you might be able to get away with a 23 or 22 degree 4 hybrid, but if not I'd go with a 24 degree for sure or you'll have too big of a gap there between the 5 and 4. You could always go 24 and 20 if you want to squeeze out more yards from the 3 hybrid.
    Hope I made sense, let me know if I didn't!
    Sir, could you please tell me how you like your Wishon 949MC 3 wood? I've had my eye on that head so I can put my favorite shaft in it and get it swing weighted to a D5. I hear good, good things about that thing.
    Wishon GI355. Supposed to be similar to the current S2S white. They claim to be a high launch but for me I'd say more like mid launch, at least with the 755 head.
    Me hit ball, ball go far.
    The 775HS is a nice clubhead if you like straight and far. I love the shape, not too big not too small. I have the length of them at the same that my 3 and 4 irons were, so they're very accurate but more forgiving than the irons were. Seems to fly the ball a little lower than my old Cally hybrid. I even love the standard Wishon grips. Work great out of the rough too.
    lol nope not from Bilnd9... I am getting it from my pro shop that I always say has the best deals on the planet.

    Anyway, I've only got a quote from them once and it was $45 off retail (for two j40 wedges). Even if the deal isn't as good as you'd like for the pushcart it's a good one. I've got a family friend who works for Sun Mountain who got me a bag and cart last summer at wholesale price which was $119 for the Speed Cart V2. I don't have it anymore though. It was a mistake to get rid of. I'd imagine Clicgear's price is similar.

    PM box is full dude!
    Dude, have you had a chance to hit the 775 hybrids? No lie, 10 yards+ further with the exact same clubhead speed over my current Callaway hybrid. Unbelievable. Great feel too.
    Aww, poor guy. I'll be thinking about him. No I didn't notice that, I'll be going for a fitting this month at a range, just waiting for the fitter to let me know when he's available!
    No I'm not on FGI, but thanks for the heads up! I've done some browsing over there I believe. That's an incredible price for the 770's, congrats!
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