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    Great News!

    I haven't posted much on here lately due to being extremely busy. However, I wanted to share some great news with my THP family. Some of you all know I had some issues applying to nursing programs over the spring of this year. Well, I found out that I was accepted into nursing school and have...
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    Mid/High 'capper with Scratch Golfer Short Game

    I played with a guy the other day. He hit his driver and irons about as good (or bad) as I do. But the difference was that he had an amazing short game. He got up and down about 6-7 times and probably had around 30 putts for the round. He didn't hit many GIR (I'd say close to 50%) but was able...
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    WTB - Long Putter

    I am interested to see if anyone on here has a long/broomstick putter that is just laying around that they would like to get rid of. I have been toying around with the idea of trying one for a while but don't want to drop a bunch of cash on one. I have tried a few at various golf stores and...
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    My Birthday Present

    Just wanted to share a picture of my birthday present from my wife. A new birdieball putting green! Pretty excited about it and can't to see how it helps me improve my putting! It is 13.5ft x 4ft running at a 10-11 with three cups. I'm really hoping to get my putting down to close to 32 or lower...
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    Shout out to Hanks!

    A few weeks ago I posted that I was having putting issues as of late and my last three rounds were horrible - to say the least. I got lots of great tips and advice from the people on the forum and it is already helping my putting. However, Hanks went out of his way to help. He sent me a PM and...
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    FS/FT: Used Project X 6.0 Flighted Shafts

    I have a set of 4-PW stock shafts that were pulled from my RAZR X Forged iron heads. The shafts are in good condition. I would say a solid 8 to 8.5 - 10. They also have the standard Callaway grip on them. I have been doing the research and am not 100% sure of the hosel diameter: most of what I...
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    My First Big Golf Fitting

    So as some of you guys on here know, I got married in March of this year. For my wedding present, my amazing wife told me I could get a custom fitting for any golf clubs I wanted (and she would buy them for me)!! I decided I wanted to be fit for a driver and wedges. I made an appointment a week...
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    My Putting Woes...

    So I played 54 holes on Friday. I had the worst putting day of my life. My putting has progressively gotten worse over the last 6 months. I shot a 97 (7 - 3 putts - 42 putts!), 94 (9 - 3 putts - 39 putts!), 94 (8 - 3 putts, 44 putts). I literally couldn't believe how awful I was putting. Apart...
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    My Swing

    I took a good amount of lessons last year that greatly improved my swing, timing, balance, etc. I practiced ALOT and got better. Now that I am back in school, working two jobs, and married I don't have tons of time to practice right now. I am learning to practice smarter not harder. Anyway, as I...
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    Does this thread exist?

    I have been searching and searching for a thread that the Morgan Cup Staffers post what equipment they will be playing in the Morgan Cup this year. I have found one thread that is called "WITB - Morgan Cup Edition" but it is for last year. Does a thread exist for the staffers for this year?
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    Tomorrows the day!

    So just wanted to let everyone here know that tomorrow is the big day for me. Im getting married! I am getting up real early in the morning and playing a quick 18 before the wedding! Got to do something to relax my nerves before the big ceremony. Then we are leaving Monday morning for 10 days in...
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    Drivers - Biggest and Best - Your thoughts?

    I am in the market to get a driver in the next few months. I don't have one in the bag right now since I hit my 3 wood further than my current driver. One of the articles in the newest scorgolf newsletter got my attention. I read this article and it really got me thinking. I really think I feel...
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    New guy from North Florida

    Hey everyone, I'm Ryan from Florida. Found your forums online. I was an avid golfer in High School and played 2-3 times a week (played very well although never broke par). Then I left for college and only played a handful of times in a decade! Sold the clubs to help pay for some college...

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