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    Eclectic music and what im listening too

    I'd heard Sofi Tukker but didn't know it was her. It was in and amongst a lot of other tracks djs are mixing into streams... Some of what I've been watching and listening to on youtube and amazon radio: Chill - background music for work because I can't stand a quiet office. This includes...
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    Official Rant of the Day

    If I were a dog and was owned by an overbearing woman such as you describe, I'd have anxiety too. They make diapers for them. And not quite diapers but more like wearable pee pads... odd things to see... they kind of look like an eye patch but larger.:confused2::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
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    Woosnam shares his candid views on Brooksie

    Ok, this is just, like my opinion...:ROFLMAO: I've never been a Brooks fan. I've never liked him that much if at all, and any like I could have tolerated towards him went away when I read an interview he did a while back. Paraphrasing here "yeah, I could take or leave golf. I'd rather be...
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    Tacos: Soft vs Hard Shell

    Flour tortillas. The bigger the better. Don't stop at the first fold. Keep going until that thing is a nice bundle of burrito. While I don't mind an occasional hard shell taco, soft shell tacos are better... but burritos are even better!:p
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    Relief from Divot Rule?

    I get to add a rule? OHO ho ho. Christms has come early everyone. You just won the lottery. Rule - Divot relief Has you ball landed in a divot? Have no fear, take relief. Address your ball. Pick up your ball in either hand. Turn and face the hole you are advancing your ball to. Throw that ball...
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    Best French Fry Form?

    Those look good. I don't know them as jo-jo's. I know them as whatever the name is on the bag... it's black and white and checkerboard. Chik-Fil-A sauce is a must.(y) No. No. No. No. No. NONONONONONO!!!:ROFLMAO: It's not a french fry because all that makes a fry is removed for the fries...
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    New Iron Comparison

    Welcome to THP. I've never hit Nike's. Take a look at Taylor Made P790's or Callaway Apex 21. There may be something in Wilson's line that appeals to you also.
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    Best French Fry Form?

    A tater is not a french fry.:ROFLMAO: It is more like a hot dog.:eek: It is comprised of leftovers from the manufacturing of french fries.:ROFLMAO:
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    Getting Sucked Into an Auction?

    I wouldn't say overbid... maybe overbought... but not overpay. My wife and I went on a cruise and we checked out the art auction. It's kind of difficult to overbid when no one is bidding on the item. Our house needed decorations on the wall and my wife and I liked what we picked so we're happy.:D
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    The Challenge of “Letting it Go!”

    Oh cool! That course has RedBox on site. Do the carts have DVD players? Must be some slow golfers to watch movies while playing!o_Oo_O:ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: Yes, I see it's a water cooler cover. If you play forward tees, you'll quickly see whether your scores are being limited by distance and if...
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    How would like to see Experiences live updated?

    Someone's got to play Bones and give play by play. And video. There must be video!
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    The keys are in the ignition, you can only take one. Which one do you take?

    The Delorean isn't a real time machine and is not easy to find parts. Plus, it's a gutless wonder. It barely made it to 88MPH.:ROFLMAO: Mad Max... naw. Cobbled together parts... lthough that blower is sweet.o_O A Team... I pity the foo' that takes that ride.:ROFLMAO: Bonds car was all movie...
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    You're cruising on the interstate for a couple hours, what lane are you in?

    Lane 3... unless there are dinosaur races going on... then lane 2 until I pass them then back to lane 3
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    Your rarest golf collectible...???

    THP limited edition coffee tumbler THP limited edition divot tool THP limited quarantine t-shirt Umm... that's it:D

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