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    If you were a tour pro, where would you live?

    I’d probably choose to live near mine or my wife’s family, or where I have some sort of connection with others I know.
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    Elbow issues? Does swapping to graphite iron shafts help?

    I hope the OP’s tendinitis is gone with by now seeing it started over 18 months ago.
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    New Gear...what do you do?

    I’ll be getting a new driver this year and it’s highly unlikely it will be a 2021 model. I’m also in the market for a GPS watch. I’m waiting for the new models to see what happens with prices and features
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    Jumbo grip on driver like Bryson?

    I use oversize Lamkin grips on my driver and fairway woods which is the largest grip Lamkin offers. Feels great too me.
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    What is your go-to golf day?

    I didn’t play on the weekends this past summer but I did use the range and practice green. Any weekday weather permitting Is ok with me.
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    Best Method for Learning?

    I learned how to play golf in the 60’s without video, or launch monitors or computers. I got hands on lessons from my father who was self taught. We were pretty good, not scratch level, but not bad for weekend players. My learning was done at a young age and didn’t start with bad habits. From...
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    Playing The Back Tees

    Anybody who does eye rolls after seeing someone hit a bad shot is someone who is going to do it no matter where you teed it from. Play from wherever you darn well please. Just keep up.
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    When An HIO Isn't A HIO

    In a fun round, (all my rounds are fun rounds) I had about a 60 yard third shot into a par 5. Hit it very fat and left it way short. For practice, I dropped down another one, hit a perfect shot that went in. My partner was laughing at me. “Don’t you hate when you do that”. If I was keeping...
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    What club do you have in your bag the longest?

    Mine is my Ping Anser putter I bought new in 1971. Only putter I’ve used since.
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    Spinoff: How Much Network TV Do You Still Watch?

    I’m retired and during the winter with covid running rampant, I’m staying home nearly all the time. My tv is on a lot. I’ve tried most of the streaming services and haven’t found anything that I liked enough to pay extra for. By “network TV” are you referring to just the big networks of CBS...
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    Basement goals!

    If I win the lottery, that setup would not be below ground but in its own separate building connected to the house
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    Pick the Super Bowl.

    I don’t care who wins, as long as it isn’t the Packers. I’m guessing the Chiefs will be their opponent
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    Random Facts

    There are more horses asses than there are horses.
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    How do you cook bacon?

    I only cook 2 slices at a time so I use a skillet. I then cook my eggs in the bacon grease
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    How much would you spend to play a round at Augusta?

    Playing Augusta, Pine Valley, Pebble Beach or any other legendary course would be great. I just don’t have the kind of discretionary income would allow me to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on 4 hours of golf especially on courses that would eat me alive. My only shot to play on one of...

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