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    Your golf stance

    With short irons and wedges I open my stance in the front and play the ball in the back of my stance.
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    For Sale SeeMore Pure Centered Blade

    Do you have a photo of what it would look like when I would look down at it at address?
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    Most Changed Club in Your Bag?

    Wedges three times in 4 years and putter is a lot more but I’ve only had two putters in there long term .
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    How did you Land on Your Current Putter? tried the evnroll with the gravity grip in black today...I’m in trouble.
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    How did you Land on Your Current Putter?

    I typed out something incredibly long about how I had acquired most of the 10 putters I have currently. I had been seeing all these adds and review videos for the evnroll putters. I was very intrigued, and had a lot of random amazon gift cards. So i purchased the ER5 because I love the winged...
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    Favorite fairway wood ever?

    I've only every played two fairway woods. An old Taylormade R7 with a steel shaft that I picked up at golf galaxy for 40 back in hs, and the 915f that is currently in my bag. I'd probably say the 915F. I'm usually able to play that at 260-240 off the tee and just fairway hunt with it off the tee.
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    Do you clean your clubs after each shot?

    After the shot only if it’s muddy. Before every shot though I do. Wet the club, wipe it off with my towel. Tee to the grooves if something won’t come out and repeat water/towel. I carry a bottle specifically for it.
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    How many putters in your collection?

    I did indeed trade the bettinardi for a Scotty 2018 Newport. Style won’t give up the ping though.
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    Putter Weight Kits

    I have thought about doing this with my scotty newport i recently picked up. But to be honest I don't know If I'd have the patience to test for a difference or even notice.
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    Scotty Cameron putters

    blue color, green fill, orange accents.
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    Mallet Or Blade; Do You Ever Switch Off?

    I played a bullseye shape when I was first learning to golf back when it was still the nike tour. Then in college I bought a cleveland classic 1 bronze putter when I won a free cg15 wedge to match. But that only lasted 5 or six rounds until I traded it in towards a odyssey sabertooth. Every...
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    WTB WTB Scotty cameron blade cover

    I've been searching a lot for head covers over the past couple of days. I came across one that had slots for a cameron divot tool. It was like an orange or yellow color. Can't seem to find it again, but I was hoping maybe has one sitting around in a darker color. I have a fairly significant...
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    Expensive putter covers?

    I saw this really cool ping blade cover at golf galaxy when I was there getting my new scotty regripped, but I don't have a ping blade so I didn't purchase it.
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    Expensive putter covers?

    I usually just like to have one that matches the putter itself. however, with the scotty I have incoming I've been looking places...found one that can fit a divot tool in the head as well, which I'm really intrigued by...however its yellow and doesn't really the black/navy/red/grey thing I have...
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    CONTEST The Mizuno Experience: Win a Free Trip, Clubs and More

    I usually always notice them when the winners are announced.

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