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    If a genie gave you one wish to fix one part of your game, what would it be?

    Wedges. going thru a tough spot right now and they are killing me. Just havent had time to get out and put in some serious work.
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    How many rounds in a row can you birdie at least one hole?

    Currently sitting at four rounds. Hope to make it five tomorrow but we will see.
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    Ping Copper

    A few years ago I was going to send a set to PING for refinishing. Was told they no longer worked on them because of enviromental concerns. I have sent other clubs to them and they have come back looking brand new. I wished they still did the BeCu because they look stunning when cleaned up.
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    XXIO Golf Balls

    Anyone tried them yet? I almost did but then I thought about how slow the game would be when I was looking for one of these in the woods. Also how lucky the group behind me would be when they found it. At 80.00 dzn that's some high cotton. They didn't feel that good to me either. They have an...
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    2014 Iron Set Scores

    As most know I have rarely met a set of irons I didn't like. Well, today I looked at my numbers for multiple sets I played in 2014 and found something surprising. I was fortunate to play a good bit of golf this year. I took the five best rounds from each set of irons that I played a minimum of...
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    Anyone ever seen a Tour player shopping at a local golf store?

    I was just in PGA SS and was seeing all of their photos advertising equipment and wondered. I've never seen one other than at an OEM sponsored event or demo type situation.
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    SeeMore Putters...How Good Are They Really?

    As a long-time proponent of the SeeMore Putter Company and their amazing Rifle Scope Technology (RST), today I was even amazed at just how effective it works and wanted to share. Today I happened to stop by my local Golfsmith Xtreme store to test out a couple of my own irons on their launch...
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    Ball Cap Buddy

    Anyone ever heard of or tried this out. Says you can wash your dirty ball caps in washing machine or dishwasher. I grabbed one at Ed Watts for 4 bucks today so I am giving it a go right now. I hope the dishwasher stops for my wife gets home (haha). I never have been one to wash my caps I...
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    GolfSmith Kennesaw GA closing 35% off EVERYTHING

    I mean everything! TapAhoy!
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    PING G2 Irons Reborn

    I picked up a set of G2 irons couple months ago when on my PING vintage kick. I had played a couple rounds and knew I really liked them and wanted to keep them in my collection. I decided to get them re-finished and sent them back to PING to "fancy" them up and they just returned a couple days...
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    Odd Looking Putter

    This is the oddest looking Putter I've ever seen but man does it roll the ball great. I picked it up and drained a 30 footer on first putt. Golf store employees were cracking up when I drained two more from 20 ft. Anyone seen anything like this? TapAhoy!
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    Tour Edge Exoctics XCG-6 Hybrids

    I went to the golf store today in my never-ending quest to find new hybrids. I tested the G25 which is the one I have wanted and do hit most consistently. I was comparing it again to my Rapture V2 20* and still didnt see much but one yard of difference with the G25 beind the longest at 179...
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    Cconcerned With Distance Only

    Today I was hitting some clubs at a local golf store when a salesman asked if I had hit the Adams CB 3 irons. Never one to turn down a club that could give more distance I gave them a go. Started hitting the 6 iron and was flicking it 170 to 180 with roll out to 198 and even had one go 207...
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    SuperStroke putter tube

    I actually purchased one of these from Edwin Watts as a Christmas present for a buddy of mine who was carrying a FATSO Superstroke grip on his putter. The grip was so big it wouldnt fit in his bag so we had to keep the putter in the cart with us. It was like having another person in the cart it...
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    Dustin Johnson's Backswing

    Saw this is GD and took a snapshot because it just looks freakiish to me. I think I would sever my spine if I tried this. TapAhoy!

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