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  • For a few days? What are you doing? I'm going to have to ask my girl about that......she may not like it. But do with it what you please. Mine will always be the orig. :bashful:
    I've reported you to the THP mods for that stunt........

    About a year ago Georgia and Texas were close in talks about a home and home but it never came about. That would have been nice to beat up some bulldogs!

    Thanks for the detailed post on your golftec experience. I won a five pack of lessons at a tourney a few months back, then promptly moved to an area with no golftec. I managed to squeeze one in in Hawaii, but really want to finish them out and see where I am. Just moved to the Augusta area (surprised none here), but more than willing to make the drive to Atlanta for that one of a kind instruction. Noticed you took yours in the same area. Would you recommend your instructor? If you are hesitant to post his name, please feel free to send me a PM. Thanks again.
    That;s some serious crap with your wedge. I didn't really ever plan on getting clubwork done from them ever, but now there is no way it's ever happening.
    My name is Thain. I like Sushi, ice cream, and long walks on the beach. I enjoy laying under the stars at night, and cloud watching during the day. Who are you?

    Did I loan you or Chunky my Eidelon wedges when we played a couple months ago?
    I have just been suprised that none of the three teams have put anything up considering they both had them last time.
    Hey bro....why haven't we got a cool Team Paradise banner or sheild like they did for the 1st MC....you are the resident graphic artist!
    I hear ya - I dig this more than the skull (although the skull was not bad), this is just classy and well done.
    Is there a deadline on MC videos yet? Forgive me, Ive been away and probably have missed many announcements..
    Dude, I love how excited you get for outings and such. You remind me of me, which is kinda like a little kid. Waiting and not being able to sit still, counting down the minutes until its go time!
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