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    First Look: Callaway Apex 21 Irons

    FWIW, I wanted the Rogue Pros 2 years ago but thought forgiveness and got Apex 19 5-g PxLz. Had had the Apex 14 also in the day ,point being they make a great iron. That said I sold my 0211s with MMT 80 which I liked,but still had the itch so I ordered the Rogue Pro 2020 iteration the Mavrik Pro...
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    2021 Club Prices - Full sets

    FYI, Nate aside from checking websites and messages I make calls to main USPS number along with my local initiatives daily I have made . I know your aware and appreciative of my efforts but this is a crusade at this point although compared to other stories 2 weeks behind isn't huge. Thank...
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    PXG 0211 & New Level MOD B-1 7 iron comparison

    Have a set of 0211s 5-g,MMT stiff (soft stepped once), D4,midsize PXG grips. 3 rounds and range time. Bought June 2020 (sold my Apex 19) thinking the graphite shafts would make trying to play with bad hip easier. It helped but took a medical anyway not being able to get thru ball. Let me know if...
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    WTB Mavrik Pros

    Possibly looking to buy a set of clean Mavrik Pros. Interested in SF i95 reg or soft stepped Stiff but also look at all steel shafts as long as not extra stiff.
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    Callaway MAVRIK Irons

    After the kids come grand kids,etc. After getting degree and first "mini exec" job after graduation which I worked a year and was up for promotion . Buddy of mine was going down to Lauderdale for second time and I quit and went with him. No jobs at time (1971) but worked way to bartender and...
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    FOR SALE - 2 sets of Cobra King Forged Tec Irons, one 4-G, one 5-G

    Any interest in a set of PXG 0211 used for a partial 3 rounds plus some range time. 5-G,MMT 80 stiff soft stepped once, D3-4 swing weight,midsize PXG grips. Standard LLL. Was awaiting hip replacement so bought new in June 2020 thinking I might be able to play with lighter clubs. Hip wouldn.t...
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    Steel-or-graphite vs. swing speed

    Historically the speed of graphite vs control of steel has been the guiding fitting premise baring other physical issues. I have only owned one set of graphite shafted irons (Apex 14 with 95 recoils) out of 50 sets since 1975. Took medical from club last season thus only played a couple partial...
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    For Sale Cobra King Forged Tec 4-GW

    Incorrectly posted in separate post but any interest in PXG 0211,5-g,MMT 80 stiff ,soft stepped once,D4 swing weighted,midsize grips.
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    New PXG 0211 Iron Set

    " Old Guy Set". I have those and after having owned 50 sets of all type irons (and flex) since 1975 there is nothing "old" about your set up. I came from Apex 19, PX LZ 5.5, 5-g and the MMT 80 aren,t weak or soft to flex. I am not a graphite iron guy, being only one of those sets I spoke of had...
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    New PXG 0211 Iron Set

    Good to hear you like your new sticks. You described them well. You feel there as long as the Rogue Pros. Good to know. Almost bought those last year but got the Apex 19 instead,which I sold to get the 0211s.
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    Ping I500's

    Agree. Long and look great but some of worst feeling irons around.
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    Winning Share after Taxes

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    New PXG 0211 Iron Set

    As I have mentioned many times of the 50 sets of irons owned since mainly mid 80s ,including the JPX 900 4-g these 0211 with MMT 80s are excellent.
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    WTB Cobra Forged Tec Heads or Irons

    Did you ever unload the Mavrik Pros we discussed in March?
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    New PXG 0211 Iron Set

    Took seven weeks to get my 0211s but on a medical anyway can so only go to range thus not missing much. Regarding swing weights only played graphite once (Apex with i95 in 2014-15)out of close to 50 sets of irons so ordering blind was a leap of faith without demoing (Covid-19). Went with MMT 80...

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