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    I believe you will get to single digit man.

    Tour Striker Plane Mate

    Boy If I never took video of me doing this I wouldn't have seen me watch the club go back on a few shots. Mental note in the future. I had no idea. As well as be more mindful of the clubface location on my backswing when parallel before the relaxing. As well as relaxing a little too much...

    Car Color: Yay or Nay

    for thp car yes! For you, no

    Something About You

    No doubt. I hope I never go bald as I have a few 8" and longer scars under my hair. :D

    Something About You

    I've been in 3 roll-overs and one head on collision and I wasn't driving in any of them. Hit by drunk driver in the head on. We were in a '67 truck, and I was sitting in the middle. No seatbelt in the middle seat, and none required. I was the only one that didn't have to stay overnight or...

    Tour Striker Plane Mate

    Full swing isn't just a longer version with the planemate. Those half swings, there is no relax part to it. The band is tight, full swing there is a relax where the club comes more from the inside than on those partial swings if I'm not mistaken. But I've been wrong before. lol And there is...

    Tour Striker Plane Mate

    Its not that I can't get them right, its that it hurts when I use my left arm for them. Band a little loose on one or two isn't a complete fail using a pw to hit 30-60 yard shots not using a tempo I use in game, as in the exercise to get further distance, just increase tempo. Pretty sure I can...

    Tour Striker Plane Mate

    have a hard time with the one handed swings with my left arm in day 2. I've messed up my rotator cuff in hockey, and it pretty much always aches a little. I noticed the band got a little loose on some of my backswings for the longer shots. Something to work on. I played a round on the sim...

    Tour Striker Plane Mate

    Well I figured I would start over, and video myself to see how I did. I think I did ok, I was using a 58 degree, and maybe was a little fast on the first part, and maybe didn't come back quite far enough on the second. I'll go through all the 7 protocols that are free to view on his website...
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    PuttView - The Book

    I bought the book for my home course, no green info though unfortunately. We'll see how it is when it gets here.
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    Indoor Simulator Build with Skytrak/Gc2

    So I don't think I can turn my graphics up more than this, I got it to max for my 1660. I turn down the brightness of the greens while on 8 green if you want to see the difference, think it looks better dimmer. It did stall 2-3 times between shots for a few seconds with a black screen while it...
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    Tour Striker Plane Mate

    Since I got my webcam recording me do sim rounds, I've noticed my swing is quite sloppy, so I think I will re-start the protocols, and maybe record them just to see if I can improve on that.
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    Sim golf addiction.

    My one friend only golfed outside for under 10 rounds last year he says, and golfs daily on his sim due to cost. And won his club championship by 7 strokes irl.
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    Sim golf addiction.

    living in Canada, its either Sim golf of no golf this time of year. So ya I'm addicted :D My sim lets you drop anywhere on the course, and hit shots from there. So I practice lots of different situations.
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    Sim Golf: What did you shoot today?

    Had a good second round at Riviera. 38/32 for -1, 70. So finished even in the tourny as I was +1 last round.

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