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  • Perfect, just in time for the season here in Canada, will hold off until then.

    Thanks for the quick response.
    No problem for the post. I did delete it, in case you look for it now. Ended up sending the guy a private message instead. He is fairly new to the board and felt like I may have been a little harsh on him. Thank you guys though for being great supporters of the board, not to mention I will almost always stick up for a Canadian company , having a few NHL supporters of the company has helped you quite a bit too haha have seen Armstrong's twitter messages about visits to the headquarters, etc.
    Hey Chesnutt,
    We are similar fit to Puma in the tops, our bottoms fit true to size. Much like buying a pair of flat from dress pants. What size do you usually wear in other brands?
    Hey Sligo, How do your sizes run. Since I can't find any stores carrying I'm going to have to break down and order online.
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