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    How Many hybrids do you carry?

    Right now, no actual hybrids, but I am playing the Cleveland HB3 irons/hyrons and hitting them pretty good right now.They are like 10 years old but fitting right in.
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    What are you watching (No Spoilers)

    better things. Season finale.
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    Greatest Double Album of all Time?

    This wasn't bad:
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    What are you watching (No Spoilers)

    Young Sheldon.
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    Greatest American Rock Band?

    I can't argue with any on this list: Top 3 for me would be Eagles and Skynrd (they have my top 2 favorite songs of all time), and R.E.M.
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    Carry bag or push cart?

    Always a push cart if I can't take a riding cart.
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    Very cool, I just ordered mine.
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    The Subaru thread

    We're looking at getting a 2020 Outback. Probably the LImited, but possibly the Onyx Edition Xt (that one has the 2.4 Turbo engine with 260 hp). My 2010 Outback died (totalled) when someone crossed the intersection when he wasn't supposed to. (That was last September, I replaced it with a...
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    Sunglasses- Keep the sun out of your eyes

    I wear transition lenses, so I have my sunglasses built in.
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    What did you shoot today?

    Shot 44-39 for an 83 at Painted Hills.
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    happy Birthday, ddec

    Happy birthday!
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    What are you watching (No Spoilers)

    Young Sheldon.
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    What are you watching (No Spoilers)

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    Favorite Card Game?

    I liked playing Oh Hell. Spades with a partner is pretty awesome. We went double nil once and succeeded.
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    Gas Prices: What are you paying?

    Paid $1.549 today at Sam's in lenexa, ks.

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