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    Best Rental Club You Have Ever Used

    There has been a thread or two on rental clubs lately and it got me thinking, what is the best rental or loaner club you have ever used? The last time I was in CA I didn't have my clubs and a buddy of mine asked me to play at the course he worked at. The bag I was given to use had a center...
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    Myrtle Beach Barefoot Resort club fitting

    This place used to be a CPC (Callaway Performance Center) but has since merged with Golfsmith I believe. They still use the same technology as the other CPCs and I'm told they have Callaway's entire catalogue. I'll be making my way there early tomorrow morning for my MC fitting. I'll try and get...
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    Quick car tire question

    This is the worst part.
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    Quick car tire question

    Hey guys, Got in my car this afternoon and noticed something wasn't right. I drove a mile at the most to get to a safe spot to pull over going 15-20 MPH. Got out and tire was almost flat. Still had a bit of air pressure. Put on the spare and went straight to a local shop. The guy took my tire...
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    Ohhhh boy!

    The good news is that whatever I was doing in Hilton Head, I'm still doing. The bad news is that whatever I was doing in Hilton Head, I'm still doing. I had ZERO confidence standing over a golf ball today. I won't say too much because I don't want to guide anybody's feedback. I will say that the...
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    Swing Overhaul

    I'm not sure if this would be better served in the swing tips section so please move in necessary. My love/hate relationship with Stack & Tilt has been well documented on THP. I have had some phenomenal ball striking days with it and I've had the worst days ever. When I hooked my first tee shot...
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    Retail Stores Launch Monitors

    The pondering thread had some thoughts on this tonight and I'm wondering what everyone else has experienced. I went to a big box sporting goods store when the X-hot irons came out. I was consistently carrying the 6 iron 14 yards further than the Mizuno's I had been gaming and landing withing 5...
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    kc720 is up to more shenanigans

    I posted in the marketplace looking for a new shaft for my OptiForce. Kc sends me a PM saying he's got what I need and I do believe he was right. Before we could even work out a price I had a confirmation number in my inbox. He worked out the price himself and it was free! I owe you big time...
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    Warming up for THP events

    The THP event season is starting to heat up and it got me thinking about something today. There are quite a few threads regarding warming up but I didn't see any specifically geared towards THP events. One of the coolest things about THP events and something that I feel really embodies the...

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