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  • I am going to reply also so,when you kept mocking every post of mine that you could say something smart about you had to know i was eventually going to have enough and say something,right? Talk about someone that doesnt get it,that would be YOU.
    But the reason(along with many others Im sure), was because you felt the need to keep going on about it. When you say something, I am going to reply. I told you to drop it, and you still keep replying. You just arent getting it.
    There was absolutely no need to post on my visitors messageboard. You brought it back up after you were banned, rightfully so. Please drop it, like a normal adult would.
    Yea unfortunately most golfers will never try the half+half shaft therefore will never know how great the shaft is. I dont know if the balls are still made in Tn. or not,actually i never knew they were,i will check into that. They have a uniform plant in sparta TN.,i live about 30 min. away in livingston,TN. and my mom worked there for 15 years. Thats were i was introduced to W/S golf equipment.My mom had been getting me great deals on Wilson basketballs and softball equipment for years.I started playing golf in January 2010 and,i was looking for a cheap set of starter clubs. My mom told me that wilson made golf clubs and she could get me some at the price a dealer like a golf store would pay. My first set was a spine driver, Di7 irons,the fybrids that are still in the bag,the TW9's that are still in the bag and a 8876 putter.I learned to play on that set and later upgraded to a smooth driver,Ci9's,8883 putter and a WS staff bag.BTW i live a hour from knoxville on the upper cumberland.
    I tried the half and half shaft during a Wilson demo day a few months ago. It had a surprisingly nice feel. It did as advertised...absorbed the vibration with the graphite but still felt in control of the clubhead like a steel shaft. I have a feeling it is too unconventional to catch on and sell, but that's unfortunate because it works.
    The Ci7s were good clubs but they are made for players who are good enough to work their shots. I was into that for a while, but without enough practice, I found them a bit more difficult to keep straight than the D-series irons.
    Did Wilson completely close their plant in Tennessee? I think they used to make all their golf balls in Humboldt, TN. If so, that's a shame. I know you live in TN and I used to live in Knoxville. Sad to see so much traditional manufacturing going overseas. I know their HQ is still in Chicago, which is good, and I guess they assemble their clubs there too, since all of my Wilson sets say assembled in USA.
    Hey Smooth,
    Thought you would appreciate this...Traded my Ci7s for a new set of Di9s with steel shafts that were being closed out. Great sticks. I like the wide tip True Temper shafts because they can really dig the ball out of the rough with less twisting. I used to own as set of Fat Shaft IIs. Accuracy was good but the feedback was harsh. Wilson fixed that problem in the Di9s and I assume the Di11s are just as good.
    The last time I logged in was a while ago when you just picked up your Ci9s. How are they working out?
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