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  • well, woke to snow this morning! we just can't win... have to head out to McGolf in Dedham. Heated/covered bays... no excuses!
    we were so close! a few more days of warmth and the ground cover would almost been fully cleared.... now we're looking at April.
    please tell me you went to the range today! I spent a few hours down McGolf in Dedham (I live a stones throw away in west roxbury). What a beautiful day out there!
    very nice... I head up north every now and then. I've played a few times at Shaker Hills in Harvard. It's a pretty nice track but completely overpriced. A fall rate will run you about 85... not really worth the money. I'll tee it up at Putterham from time to time, but you're right with the rain... place is a swamp. I don't like going there to often because I used to work at The Country Club so I know what is on the other side of that fence and it just pisses me off.

    I'm looking forward to playing Red Tail, Granite Links, and some day trips down to the Cape in 2009.
    Tell me about it! I play with BAGS (Boston Amateur Golfing Society) so I find myself driving all over New England for tournaments but I'd have to say I stick to the local city courses for practice. I've met some great guys up at Ponkapoag and George Wright and while those courses are beyond pitiful it's nice having a place to just work on things. How about yourself?
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