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    What's your "Got to go there once a season" Golf course?

    Two - Prairie Dunes Sand Hills Probably will add a third - Dormie Club
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    WTB SeeMore Z3 or Z3c Tour Limited putter (Not Nashville)

    The title says it all. Please let me know if you have one available. Thanks.
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    FS/FT Toulon Indy

    Moving on from this putter. Used for 20 min practice and 9 holes. Toulon Indianapolis 35" standard loft and lie. SS 3.0 grip. $350 obro. Trade interests include center shaft & straight shaft mallet putters.
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    AZ Golf: August 12, 2017

    Where: Desert Forest GC, Carefree AZ When: Aug 12; 10:10 - 10:30 am Cost: $65 + tax, includes cart. Let me know in this thread if you are interested, I will update and add any info as the time approaches. Hope to see the AZ peeps there. Visitors are always welcome and encouraged!
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    The THP influence

    I'm curious, how many people have tried any sort of golf equipment and ended up purchasing that equipment, solely based upon their THP experience? Snell, Srixon, SeeMore and Evnroll get a lot of press here, and all are companies that I never would have thought about before Thp. For me, I...
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    WTB - Callaway BB Mini 1.5

    Looking for a 12* Big Bertha Mini 1.5, prefer the Speeder 565 stiff shaft. If you have one, and are looking to part with it, drop me a note!! Thanks!
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    Mike Stranz Memorial Golf Tournament

    Not sure if anyone is interested, but this is something I came across recently. If this is not appropriate, please delete. Thanks.
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    What is your favorite putting drill?

    I am working on my putting this season, and have seen some good improvement, but I don't know very many drills, and I am lazy - I don't feel like watching too many YouTube videos on putting. So, what is your favorite (or most effective) putting drill?
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    FS Bridgestone J815 head and sleeve

    For sale J815 9.5* driver head w sleeve and 6g weight. Wrench and Headcover included. $75 orbo. CONUS only.
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    WTB - Callaway dual cog adaptor for GBB

    As the title states, anyone have an extra laying around? Thanks!!
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    RIP Debbie Reynolds

    The mother of Carrie Fisher suffers a stroke the day after her daughter dies. Well, there's the third. F 2016. Really. Good riddance. This year has sucked. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Do your scores correlate with your "Stats"?

    Curious to find out - If you hit a certain number of fairways in regulation (FIR) and/or hit a certain number of greens in regulation (GIR).... What are your score expectations? Eg: Tiger hit 9/13 FIR today, yet still shot -7. I am pretty sure that I could hit every fairway and not shoot...
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    FS - 30g Scotty Cameron weights

    For sale, a pair of 30 g Scotty Cameron weights. No wrench. I purchased these from a fellow THP'er, thinking that these would fit a Squareback, they do not. These weights fit Newport, GoLo, California, Button Back, Kombi, MyGirl, etc. These do NOT fit Fastback, Squareback, or Detour models...
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    What makes a good "Match Play" course?

    Reading an article in Links Magazine, I am curious - What makes a good (or great) match play course, in your opinion? Does a course layout even matter? Is match all about the players, or does (or should) the course architecture come into play? Thoughts?
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    FS - THP Soft goods

    For sale - because I want a larger TV and this is the price I must pay. Putter head covers. Each $30 obo, shipped. All are brand new, all are Velcro closures. Only Pizza & Beer and Hamburger remain. 2 THP Baseball Caps. Brand new, only tried on for fit. $25 obo, each, shipped. 1 THP...

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