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  • Hey Darrel.

    Ye, I've been somewhat busy. My best friend who just got his third kid bought a new house. So I'm helping him out a lot. Past two days we've been laying 700 sq.f of flagstones. Jeez, my body is hurting today. Lazy bastard like me ain't used to manual labor like that, hehe. Luckily he's at work for a couple of days now, so I can get a few days of rest. And golf! Also I'm struggling a bit with the finances. Outing + $2000 dentist bill kinda knocked the bottom out of my economy. And somehow I loose interest in new golf equipment when I know I can't afford any of it. The dentist thing went fine btw. Wasn't a big deal really. So I'm ready for the two implants next month. God it'll be great to get that out of the way.

    And you? How's the golf treating ya? Any new equipment?

    - Carsten
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