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  • Thanks Staples..... looking forward to teeing it up with you again... Hope you're doing well, thanks again for the kind words.
    Hey man I'm posting from my phone and I may have just accidentally gave you some negative feedback when I meant to click "reply." I'm sure when the mods see it they will see what I posted and realize it was a mistake, but sorry for that.
    But you must pay individual Shipping and Handling for each individual shaft....

    Hey there, had a great time today and enjoyed meeting you. You have a great golf swing and are a great player. Looking forward to getting together and playing again, I'll bring my "C" game next time, you saw the "F". Gap
    Thanks DD,

    I do the exact same thing when my swing gets out of wack. I sway a tiny bit and straighten the back leg. My main swing thought before I swing is keeping stacked and stabilized over the ball through the whole swing.

    I am having the EXACT same issues as you are, even down to having a draw last year and a fade/slice this year. Everything in your post actually described exactly my situation as well. Just wanted to ask you a favour in case I miss the thread or it get's lost if you could let me know what Andy says? I am actually working a bit trying to fix this as well so if you are still having troubles I can maybe provide you some of my findings concerning this issue in the next few days.

    Really anxious to hear what Andy has to say.
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