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  • USAF aircraft electrician (before they were "rivetized" with environmental systems to become accessories systems) and then accessories (post "rivetizing") on F-111A models and then EF-111A models. Can't remember the AFSC for that career field

    Then cross trained to C-141B flight engineer when I couldn't get a CJR in my first AFSC... I think it was 1A1XC
    Don't worry about a thing, my game is pretty rusty, we are just going to have some fun
    I live in Trenton, which is close to Franklin, about 20 minutes south, but its not me, I dont own any SCOR
    i'd call it a win.. i might try to make something like that when i get home.. don't worry, i'll put a copyright on it haha
    Wow that's awesome, you were a real pro! I don't remember the courses since it has been a while.
    Hope we can do that sometime soon. Gotta see what my shoulders are going to do. I just got diagnosed with arthritis in clavicle. Got a shot that has helped some, but now the other shoulder seems to have the same issue.I am too young for this type of problem. LOL
    Ok, cool. I know that area, my ex brother law lives right by Hickory Stick in Bargersville. Certainly need to do that. I'll play in pretty much any weather so I would in for that.
    I live on the southside. I actually grew up in Southern Indiana near Bloomington, in Bloomfield. I moved to Indy in 2001, and lived their ever since. I live in the Southport Road and Indiana 37 area. It probably a lot different than you remember.
    Hey there! Good to see another IN native on the boards.

    I graduated from Perry High School and currently live in Center Grove. What are some courses that you like to play around the area?
    Hey buddy,

    I really enjoyed the round today and thought I would give you my contact info in case you want to get in touch about teeing it up again sometime.
    Randy Malone cell 478-451-9579
    Call me and we will hit the golf course soon.

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