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    The Happy Thread

    :cool: New and shiny
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    Spectator behavior — who should be policing this?

    What do you think. We’ve all heard it throughout the broadcasts. Justin Thomas had a patron bounced this week. Jordan Spieth pointed one out at the Waste Management. The fans identified the guy who yelled in Tigers backswing at Torrey. fans inserting themselves where they don’t belong...
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    Mark Newel - President USGA

    Newly elected to lead the USGA. What would you charge him to fix, change or implement with our game? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    DJ 2018 Masters favorite?

    What say you? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Soup it warms the soul!

    As a large part of the country braces for old man winter. I’m reminded of just how much I enjoy a good soup. Today I’m making a Hearty Navy Bean soup. Which we will serve in bread bowls tonight. Anybody else have an affinity for good soup? Got any good recipes you want to share...
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    THP Community

    I've been reading "Your turn at being the THP Event Coordinator for 2018, What relationships has THP helped create for you? And THP Events - Memories the past couple days/weeks. It seems we've lost our way as a community in a way. When I first joined we were in a transition from a forum towards...
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    RIP Woodward "Hootie" Johnson

    Sad day at Augusta National. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Ship sticks

    Lee and I used their services for our trip down south. Our experience was excellent. They were responsive to our questions and very helpful when I called. Tuesday I checked my tracking numbers and noticed there hadn't been any movement. So I called them. About an hour later the...
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    Is your bag optimized for production?

    After watching the video from the Titleist Performance Institute with Dean it's made me really think about how my bag is made up. And is it optimal for my best scoring chances. I think it's close, but the upper end seems to be a little off. Often we get fittings for a driver, irons, wedges...
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    Photo Heavy The Food Porn Thread

    Good gawd those look fantastic. Must be a post PGA show diet Mongolian reversal we're witnessing.
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    What are you building? (Club style)

    Thinking hard about swapping the Ctapers out of my baby blades and plugging in the S400 AMT. am I crazy?
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    Justin Thomas thread

    As of today he's the hottest guy on the planet with back to back wins in Hawaii. Breaking scoring records at Waialae 59 on the opening round to join a very elite group of golfers Setting the 36, tied the 54, and set 72 hole scoring records. Hitting towering drives 117' Apex, laser like...
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    Prime scoring years

    After reading the lowest round thread it got me thinking. Is there such a thing in the Amateur ranks. We see on Tour what appears to be a prime age range. But I'm wondering where that range is for us mortal golfers.
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    Did the tour blow it?

    Seeing the scores from the tour. 80's and 90's from guys at that level is brutal. A couple of the guys have been quite outspoken about it too.
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    Photo Heavy The Food Porn Thread

    Salad and a burger? But that looks fantastic

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