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    Putter shaft: Do you care?

    I have 4 putters with the KBS CT Tour putter shaft that I love. This spring I plan on trying some putter shafts from LA Golf.
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    Favorite Unique Putter Shape?

    This center shafted Odyssey has been in my bag a lot the last few years.
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    Do you have a favorite vacation spot?

    My wife loves to travel and it will be a big part of our retirement. We have a Greek Island trip planned for next September and a New Zealand trip the following year. I haven't made it to Revelstoke or Whistler yet but I've been fortunate to have skied almost all the other ski resorts out...
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    Do you have a favorite vacation spot?

    Now that I don’t live close to the mountains anymore I look forward to ski vacations more than warm weather spots. Jackson Hole, Aspen, and Snowbird/Alta are some of my favorite resorts.
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    Distance potential is determined by vertical jump

    Genetics certainly play a huge role in strength. We all are born with certain length muscle bellies, tendon attachment points, etc. that determine our strength and Not sure but I know a snapshot is around 100 mph for the pros. Impressive considering that a puck weighs almost 4 times as much...
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    How To Install a Putter Grip

    Great video. I’ve done a lot of experimenting with my putter length and grips recently which means I installed/swapped about 35 putter grips this year. I’ve gone to a single sided automotive masking tape under my putter grips with solvent and this allows me to later remove the grip fairly...
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    When you are closing in on a possible PB?

    I think we all have to get comfortable on the course as we break through each scoring plateau in golf, whether it's breaking 100, 80, par, or going really low into the mid or low '60s. I remember I had a big mental block as a teen trying to break 80 the first time, but once I did it a handful...
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    Gerry Hogan's Theories On The Golf Swing vs Other

    If power doesn't come from the ground up and according to you and G. Hogan "can't be trasmitted through the pelvic basin and lower lumbar", then Tiger's lower leg injury shoud in not impede him from swinging at the same speed as he previously did before his car crash. Of course, Tiger's...
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    2022: Golf Goals

    I'm committing myself to speed training with the Stacks system, and my goal is to get my driver ball speed up to 158 mph or more from about 150 mph now. Hopefully, a 5% increase shouldn't be too much to ask.
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    Have you attended the "GO TO" things in your area

    My wife and I have done all the MN stuff having grown up here, but my kids haven’t as we just moved back here 3 years ago after 20 years in CA. They’ve all been to the 4 pro sports(5 if you count soccer, lol) and have seen concerts here but Covid limited how much we’ve done the last couple of...
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    2021 Ford Bronco

    Congrats! What was your reservation date and did you get the hardtop? Mine is a 7/20/20 reservation OBX SAS Lux MIC 2.7L. I'm hoping by March Ford will send me a build date.
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    The Happy Thread

    I just scheduled a ski trip for February with my son and his best buddy from high school who’s dad is one of my best friends. We’ve haven’t all skied together since they graduated from high school in 2016.😀 Here is a photo from 13 years ago and those two little guys are now 6 feet tall and 24...
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    Its Cyber Monday what are you buying?

    Interesting that Cyber Monday sales declined for the first time ever.
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    Let’s See Those Holiday Decorations

    We were out of town until Sunday night so my wife is just getting started. I’m sure she has about 30 more items for me to put out/hang.:)
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    2022 Cobra LTD Drivers and Fairways

    I very much look forward hitting the LTD LS with the Tensei AV Raw White shaft on the Trackman. I never did dial down the spin enough on the Radspeed XB that was in my bag for most of last year.

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