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    Chick-fil-a: pick one from each row

    Correct answer.:)
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    "Jacked" Lofts in 2020

    Often overlooked in this debate and in IMO, one of the reasons why manufactures have gone to stronger lofts and why they work for many is most amateurs add loft to their irons at impact trying to help their shots into the air. This scooping effect can easily change effective loft by 3-4* or...
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    Shorter Putter Length

    Rickie Fowler is short at 5'9" and uses a 35" putter. Justin Rose is tall and uses a 36"+ putter. Putting is way more variable than anything in golf and what works is very personal. I'm a little pissed I was too stubborn to ask for putting help the last 40 years as the longer putter along...
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    Theft at Golf Course

    Yes, there is no way Chase can hold you responsible. I'll make sure to never open a Chase account.
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    My college honored me 2/14/20

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    Shorter Putter Length

    I'm 6' and have used mostly a 33"-34" putter my entire life and after some putting lessons recently I'm now in a 37" putter. It has moved my eyes into the correct position for me and as a bonus allows me to practice with zero back issues. It's also cured my issue of head movement likely because...
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    The Diseases, and Casualties in London this Year Being 1632 (this is great)

    When my wife worked HR for a large US company opening retail stores in the UK they tried to offer dental benefits to all the employees and they thought she was crazy. They voted it down, lol.
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    No tipping private clubs

    It's funny how it's different at every club and I always ask the tipping and cell phone rules when I'm a guest. At my club, guys tip the bag room attendants $2-$5 each time. They add 10% to your bar/food tab but an extra tip is expected IMO. No cash or credit cards at the beverage/snack...
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    Your Favorite Golf Shirt / Brand

    I like lots of different brands and recently have been buying a lot from Puma, FootJoy, Travis Matthew, and Peter Millar. I have to try them on as most large shirts are too big in the body and most mediums are to tight in the shoulders/armpits. When I find one that fits that is on sale I'll...
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    McMillions Documentary

    Looks interesting and I enjoy greedy criminals getting caught.
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    Why Are Iron Covers Polarizing

    I don't use a cover on my putter either. I like bag chatter on my irons and I never play a putter long enough for it to get beat up, lol. :p
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    Titleist responds to the USGA's Distance Insights Report

    Yep. At that altitude its about 10-16% farther depending upon the trajectory of the shot. I used to figure 8% in Lake Tahoe which was 6,230 elevation but these guys are at 7,600 this week.
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    No tipping private clubs

    My last club added 17% to bar/meal tabs but allowed no other tipping and accepted no cash anywhere on the course. We would have a chance to tip the staff at the end of the year by adding whatever amount we wanted to be divided equally - sort of a Christmas bonus. I used to add $300 each year.
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    Why Are Iron Covers Polarizing

    This exactly. They are the pocket protectors of golf. Bras on cars are in the same category. :)
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    Titleist responds to the USGA's Distance Insights Report

    Harbour Town is one of the shorter courses on Tour and always ranks in the top 5 favorite venues each year(ranked by the players). Last year the winning score was -12 and only 5 were at -10 or better. I'd guess the average pro only hits about 8 drivers a round at Harbour Town.

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