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    How important are writing skills?

    I obviously don't see it as often with professional pieces but then/than mistakes are rampant. It is so bad I think it is being taught incorrectly.
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    20% off Claw golf gloves for THP thru April!

    Just saw these on Fried Eggs Golf in Scuba Steve's WITB.
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    We usually finish last week of April. I'd rather cancel and payout on current standings vs making up any missed weeks. Hell, if we start where we left off then wouldn't be much of a break before the next season usually starts.
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    Any Poker Players Here?

    Lockdown life is boring so I'm looking into online again. Anyone playing on Ignition Poker?
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    I'm a part-time bowler because of swing shift and 100% hate how long the season is but... Im actually missing it now that I can't do it. No clue how it will be handled after ban is lifted. Any other leagues have a plan in place yet?
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    Mizuno CLK

    Best kept secret in golf!
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    Face Book: Are You A Member

    Nope. None of them for me.
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    Wendy’s Breakfast

    I love salt yet found the breakfast baconator too salty. I'll try something else next time.
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    Billy Horschel out at PXG

    Looks like they're still in the bag.
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    Why do Some Folks Prefer 3w off the Tee over Driver?

    I tee off 6 of the 9 holes at my course with my 2 hybrid (replaced my 3 wood). The shorter shaft makes it much more reliable and the course is short enough I don't feel punished giving up any distance. I've done same at other courses that were longer too so I'm either playing correct tees for me...
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    2020 Olympics in jeopardy of being canceled

    It said total viewership. I don't know why you're looking up number of TV sets. 1st thing I found:
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    Cable companies - Cutting the cord

    We do this and have from the start. Do you stream at 1080p? I set mine down to 480p this month... Waste of a 4k tv!!!
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    Cable companies - Cutting the cord

    My internet has a limit of 1TB and the 5 months we've used YTTV we went over. I've downgraded stream quality, which sucks, but are most of you unlimited or what are you doing to not go over your limit?
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    Very limited number of 33 inch putters at golf shops

    Ping's adjustable putters solve the problem.
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    Major Champion nearest your birthday

    Jack sets the record....

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