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  • If you need help with a bit stronger supplies, I know a few fine spirit places that are pretty close to Grand Cypress. We can just jump in my car and pick up a few things haha
    Not sure I would call Rex's an 'executive course', though I am sure he would love it refered to that way. Never played Glen Arbour but heard it was nice. Grandview was were I ended up mostly playing. I had a few rounds a Granite Springs when it opened as well but the price was just to high. Anyway glad to see another Haligonian in THP.
    Hey are you in Halifax? Ever play that par three up in Spryfield? Can't remember the name but it was owned by Rex and run by him his wfe and son. Some 160-190 par threes surrounded by thick woods. I had some good times playing there! When I left Halifax he had just expanded to 15 holes.
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