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    Tour Edge Exotics EXS 220 Driver

    Thanks, touch out of my price range when they start at $40k
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    Tour Edge Exotics EXS 220 Driver

    I see the software is e6, what launch monitor is that on?
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    Were You Fit For Your Current Driver?

    Yes, even though it was a free Golf Galaxy fitting, seeing the shots with different drivers and shafts was eye opening for my swing
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    Flightscope Mevo+ Review

    Agree with @JB all radar based systems struggle with extreme limited flight. Camera based launch monitors (Foresight GC2 & Quad, Uneekor, Skytrak) need a few feet to take a few pictures of the golf ball and determine launch conditions. All lower priced launch monitors are sacrificing...
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    Flightscope Mevo+ Review

    Did you buy something else? Full Swing Kit or GC2? Or waiting to see what else might come to the market in a year?
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    Tour Edge Exotics C721 and E721 Irons

    When will THP have these in hand and be allowed to show comparison pics and launch monitor data?
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    Tour Event 2021 Pebble Beach Pro Am

    I'm not sure I follow what so funny about this
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    Srixon ZX5 and ZX7 Irons Review

    GC2 doesn't measure club speed, so smash factor is either am estimate or set by the store at 1.36
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    The Jordan Spieth Thread

    "You don't need to swing out of your shoes" "Play to your strengths" "Scrambling every hole adds unneeded stress"
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    Garage golf Simulator setups

    Fair on that point with the 3rd party software, if never using the skytrak software.
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    Garage golf Simulator setups

    You can use E6 connect, it that's either $300 or $600 per year (in addition to the $100) for courses available on an iPad. Yes the Mevo+ has the advantage there with the 5 free E6 courses and no annual fee. Look on the bright side, Trackman charges something like $2k/year (granted that's a...
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    Garage golf Simulator setups

    I've heard Mevo+ has interference issues with garage doors if hitting towards them, not sure if there's been a solution found or if you're hitting away from it.
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    What are your favorite golf shoes?

    Nike Lunar Control golf shoes, yes the old ones
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    The Jordan Spieth Thread

    Agreed, some of his tee shots were off the planet, but I don't think he can win today with scrambling
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    The Jordan Spieth Thread

    Sadly, I'm thinking collapse. I'd love to see him win, but after a 61, the next round for almost anyone seems to be lackluster

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