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  • Sending friendship requests on this forum really feels silly, but since we are brothers in 'the', it had to be done.
    Did you go and try and put sunglasses on too fast again?

    Great intro buddy! My favourite part:

    "Look out for a shotmaking masterclass, or something.."

    Such a build up, for such a let down! LMAO
    Hi mate, it's an old friend who works for titleist and I'm down south this weekend and he's doing a fitting for me! Not going to get my clubs from him as he can't discount me so probably buy from golf store Europe with my exact fitting requirements.
    Euro players are starting to become my favorite to watch. Even young McIlroy. I disliked him a lot for no reason until his victory speech. Don't tell anyone.

    Just waiting for Casey to get his!
    Hey man, I'm heading to Germany in a couple weeks for some training and at the tail end of the trip me and my buddy are going to fly into Scotland for a few days. Want to know what recommendations you might have and if you would like to play some golf?
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