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    ANNOUNCEMENT Forum Downtime 4/6 at 11pm EST

    And we're back, enjoy!
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    ANNOUNCEMENT Forum Downtime 4/6 at 11pm EST

    You are very welcome. Just under 10 minutes to go.
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    ANNOUNCEMENT Forum & Homepage Downtime Saturday 2/29/20 at 9PM EST

    Well you know what they say, you don't have to go home, but you can't stay here. See you all in a little while.
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    The Official Banter Away Thread

    This is exactly it, there will always be some spam that gets through, however we've been looking over the banned users for the past few days and tweaking settings as needed. So please tell all your friends in Korea, Indea, and the Phillipines that are signing up all their accounts/posts will be...
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    ANNOUNCEMENT Forum Downtime Tonight 2-8-20

    Forum is back online and the maintenance is complete.
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    ANNOUNCEMENT Guide to Using the THP Forum

    It looks like the code may have been for vb5. Can you try editing your signature and re-adding the image using the new forum editor?
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    The Happy Thread

    So happy everything is working so much better now. Thanks to everyone for all their patience while we got this going, and thanks to all of the testers who helped us out along the way! Most of all thanks @JB and @GolferGal for making the decision to switch!
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    Power to Be - Fundraising

    I hope everyone here is having a great Friday, especially for those of us who have a long weekend ahead of us, just one more day :D Next weekend I will be participating in a 10K obstacle course. We are raising money for those with disabilities who otherwise would not have opportunities to...
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    THP tips, tricks and answers for new members

    Welcome to THP, one of the largest online golf communities on the web. Before getting started, many times questions come up on how to accomplish different things throughout the forum, so the staff here has come up with some helpful links for you to view at your convenience. If you have any...
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    Hello all

    Hey everyone, My name is Ben, I've been lurking on the forums for quite some time, mostly trying to make sure that there are no unwanted pop-ups..... So some of you may already know me. The Ben that most of your know as Coolbreeze, or CB has started me on my path to enjoying golf. Recently...

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