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  • threeboysdad, any chance you live in the Justin area. I'm new to the game and looking for some folks to play some rounds.

    TxRR / Albert
    Dude i never got a chance to thank you for the sauce you sent to TMC with Cookie. It was amazing thank you
    Did you make it home alright? Too bad you weren't able to play, but work comes first!
    I have a new one I will try first. Maybe put your avitar up next week. Thanks for sending that. I actually like it.
    Just got home from work and saw your messages. Glad you found it. I thought you might be interested in this. Hope you can make it.
    You are right about Bridlewood, especially for the price point. We should try to get out and play a round sometime. I only have a couple of playing partners around here, so I'm always looking for someone to get out and play a round or two with.

    LMAO - it will be fun man! That course is a tough one and the greens tend to get the best of me. I would be very happy to break 85 there. Should be a good time.
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