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  • That name is derived from my obsession with the Pro V1. I've pretty much played nothing but Ping irons the last 30 years but LOVE the PRO V1.
    Ebay will give you about as good as indicator as there is. Just search sold items for the Newport and you will get a good idea.
    Hey... what would you say a Newport GSS is worth in like 6/10 condition?
    22... Now that's a collection. When you're a very old man it will be both probably 15 grand. When your son (if you have one) is an old man who knows what it will be worth... Do you have the limited edition ones?
    Ten is all I can list! I have 22 I think!!!! Into the belly putter now and only have one Cameron Belly, so the selection process is easy. As far as the Foot Joy's go, I have a couple pair but again not enough room to list them....
    Ten Cameron putters. How do you pick what one to use? And why don't you use FootJoy? You're a die hard dude...
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