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    Whats your favorite number on a golf ball?

    I thought I was the only one with #29! And now there’s 3 of us??? My Pro V1’s are all 29…:unsure:
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    What is your biggest pet peeve while on the golf course?

    Sunflower seeds. I don’t see it that often, but when I do…:angry:
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    Callaway Epic Super Hybrid

    That’s it…This thread has put me over the edge. Gonna try the 16 as my 3w replacement.:eek:
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    Mid-handicapper - T100S + T200 Combo set?

    I’m a single digit HC and did the combo set 100S/200 when these came out. While the 100S are demanding, they worked while I was on top of my game. But quite honestly, the straight 200’s all the way through would’ve been a better fit for me. I’ve since had a couple knee surgery’s and feel like...
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    How Do You Arrange Your Bag?

    14 Way Titleist: D/3W 3h/4/5/6 W/9/8/7 GW/52/56 P
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    For Sale Cobra Radspeed XD 10.5 RH Reg.

    Moved to esite…Please close.
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    Cobra RADSPEED Drivers

    I’ve been playing the Speedzone Extreme with good success, I bought a Radspeed XD to play around with this year and after a couple rounds, listed it in the classifieds here. I just prefer the SZ Extreme. I like the sound better and my dispersion is a little better with the Extreme. Distance...
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    For Sale Cobra Radspeed XD 10.5 RH Reg.

    For Sale: RH Cobra Radspeed XD 10.5 Degree driver…Like new. Hit no more than 20 times…Looks brand new. Shaft is green Evenflow 5.5 65 g. with factory headcover. $285 TYD
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    For Sale Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors - Set of 14

    My new irons have the Arccos grips. I say he’d up 5 of these to mess with the app, but never played a round.
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    For Sale Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors - Set of 14

    Brand new set of Arcos Smart Sensors. (Current version) 13 + the putter sensor. About 5 of them were installed but never used. The others are brand new. SOLD
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    2020 Toulon Putter Thread

    Long time SC guy here, but every time I go into a golf shop I roll the Las Vegas and make putts like nothing else I’ve used. I finally bought a “carry over“ 2019 from Callaway last week and I’m loving it. Time will tell of it knocks my Phantom 6 out of the bag for good!
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    What irons should I make sure I check out in my fitting next week

    We are the same age. I also had an injury that zapped swing speed. I ended up going from Ping i200’s to Titleist T100S in 8-Gap and T200’s in 4-7. I also made the change to graphite shafts this year. I’ve been thrilled with the blended set thus far...

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