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    TLuke replied to the thread Best balls for slow swing?.
    Big Callaway Supersoft fan as well. When $$$ are tight, I’ll buy and use Maxfli Softfli golf balls. Pretty darn close IMO. DSG runs...
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    In 1938 when USGA/R&A adopted the 14 club rule (no one really knows why that number) they would’ve said “Nah, you can only have 10 clubs...
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    TLuke replied to the thread The Sober Golf Thread.
    I’m a nervous Nellie about drinking and driving, so I save the cold ones for when I get home and brag to Mrs. TLuke how totally awesome...
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    TLuke replied to the thread Do you Yeti?.
    They also sell a 13 pound $300 camping chair that will hold up to 500 pounds. Oofta. 😧
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    TLuke replied to the thread What Golf Stuff Did You Do Today?.
    Played 18 holes in my head while power washing the house and cleaning windows. Does that count?😗
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    TLuke replied to the thread Official Rant of the Day.
    Ahh, fiddlesticks! This morning I got to put a whole whopping 30 cents of $2.89 E-10 in the car before the pumps went dry. Had to...
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    TLuke reacted to just8abug's post in the thread Municipal Golfers with Like Like.
    Play all muni's unless I'm on vacation where I like to play some really nice courses. I've been fortunate though as most courses in...
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    TLuke replied to the thread Do you still mow your lawn?.
    Nope. After retiring to Florida last month, we found a lawn service that right now cuts for $35 every other week. Cost will go up during...
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    I miss the sound of solid contact on a persimmon wood. It had such a crisp sound to it. And agree with the others, the "clack" of...

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