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    Tour Event 2021 Genesis Invitational

    30 mph is normal in Nebraska. Come play the Prairie Club in the Sand Hills of Nebraska and you will see wind!
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    USGA and R&A - Distance Rollback Proposals

    Just listening now to this subject on Golf Central. Very spirited discussion. I believe these changes will target the pro golfer only and not affect us weekday/weekend hacks. Just think of the OEM club and ball inventory that would be at risk if this was implemented across the board.
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    USGA and R&A - Distance Rollback Proposals

    If the USGA and R&A think pro tour distance is that big of a problem, have the pros only play Cayman Pimples, hybrid, or 80% Pro V1 golf balls. No money lost for course redesigns. Problem solved.
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    USGA and R&A - Distance Rollback Proposals

    Please leave everything as is. No need for driver COR adjustments or detuning golf balls. Pro golfers are pro golfers because they are most excellent (most of the time) in their tradecraft and fitness. But I do ponder how Nicklaus, Palmer, Player, Trevino etc. etc in their prime would compare...
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    Those who’ve moved to Florida - hate it/love it?

    Thanks for all the input. Mrs. TLuke is heading Tuesday to Inverness, FL to look at a house at Lakeside CC. Properties are super hot now, so now I’m afraid we’ll get in a bidding war that will exceed our price point. Wish us luck!
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    Cable companies - Cutting the cord

    I don’t believe they will buy them out, but will strike a very attractive deal to host their media content (e.g. Netflix) on their cable platform. Just like HBO, Showtime as an add-on with our local cable provider. I found it odd that Sony dropped PSVue. We really enjoyed that service. Maybe...
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    Cable companies - Cutting the cord

    Yes, we have CL here but only 40 Mbps for $50. Don’t know if that’s a strong enough engine to power streaming two TVs, internet and other connected gadgets. Jealous of your deal.
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    Cable companies - Cutting the cord

    And I’ll use my psychic powers here to predict that in 5 years cable companies will rule the roost. You can have your Netflix, Disney, etc. but they will be add-on channels through your cable provider.
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    Cable companies - Cutting the cord

    Major cable supplier here in Omaha is pretty sly. We originally had just internet for about $60 a month based on our “history” of internet/streaming use. But we blew through our bandwidth data cap pretty quickly. Had to add unlimited usage for additional $60 a month just to keep things working...
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    Those who’ve moved to Florida - hate it/love it?

    Well, we’ve wintered in Inverness/Lakeside Country Club the past couple of years and enjoyed it. Laid back small community. We’re looking in this area and Ocala as well. Nebraska can be just as horrible as well with the heat and humidity in the summer. My bones need warmth and not cold. Just...
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    Those who’ve moved to Florida - hate it/love it?

    Mrs. TLuke wants to move to Florida. I kinda do too. Nebraska winters are no fun anymore. We’re both retired, no kids, just a weeny dog. For those that have moved to Florida, do you love it or regret it?
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    Best Method for Learning?

    A little off topic, but with all the golf instruction information now available I wonder how my dad learned to play golf in the early 60’s on a 9 hole goat track in rural Iowa. He had none of what we have now, but he was quite the ball striker. Maybe it was self-taught or those Sunday...
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    Oh, just stamp the darn degrees on irons please!

    Just watched Matt @ Golf Sidekick on YouTube hitting (no, bombing) a 26* Epic Star 7 iron. That’s my 5 iron loft! With all the iron loft jacking, why don’t OEM’s just stamp the degrees on their clubs? I know your answers already. Anyway, I’m going to the basement now with a Sharpie to renumber...
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    Golf equipment - I have a ridiculous amount of ....

    Outside of golf balls, what golf equipment do you have too much of?
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    How do you restrain yourself from buying another golf item?

    My wife is a Cricut and crafting maniac. I sneakily keep track of her costs and then confront her with her expenditures if I would like to have something for my golf hobby. Sometimes it works; sometimes I have to take care of my nosebleed.

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