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    Best balls for slow swing?

    Big Callaway Supersoft fan as well. When $$$ are tight, I’ll buy and use Maxfli Softfli golf balls. Pretty darn close IMO. DSG runs specials on Softfli’s that are really good deals.
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    Do you carry less than 14 clubs, why?

    In 1938 when USGA/R&A adopted the 14 club rule (no one really knows why that number) they would’ve said “Nah, you can only have 10 clubs in your bag”, what would your set up be? When my dad taught me to play in the 60’s, all I used was a 3 & 5 wood, 5/7/9/PW/SW and putter. Didnt really know...
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    The Sober Golf Thread

    I’m a nervous Nellie about drinking and driving, so I save the cold ones for when I get home and brag to Mrs. TLuke how totally awesome I was. 19th hole is most often an iced tea. On the course just water.
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    Do you Yeti?

    They also sell a 13 pound $300 camping chair that will hold up to 500 pounds. Oofta. 😧
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    What Golf Stuff Did You Do Today?

    Played 18 holes in my head while power washing the house and cleaning windows. Does that count?😗
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    Official Rant of the Day

    Ahh, fiddlesticks! This morning I got to put a whole whopping 30 cents of $2.89 E-10 in the car before the pumps went dry. Had to embrace the suck and buy the $3.59 premium stuff. AMEX will probably be scratching there heads at the 30 cent charge. On the other hand, WallyWorld was practically...
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    Do you still mow your lawn?

    Nope. After retiring to Florida last month, we found a lawn service that right now cuts for $35 every other week. Cost will go up during rainy season every 7-10 days. Did a cost/benefit/time/PITA back-of-envelope analysis and it’s just cheaper for our smallish yard. It’ll take me a year to...
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    What Golf Stuff Did You Do Today?

    House shipment from Nebraska to Florida arrived yesterday. First thing I looked for was clubs for me and Mrs TLuke, all is good. Plus all the grilling tools. Opening boxes from the movers is like Christmas morning. Never gonna’ know what’s in the box!
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    What annoying recurring pain do you have but play on anyway?

    For me it’s a recurring right Gluteus Maximus pain that comes and goes and responds well to OTC meds. And arthritis in the big index knuckles on both hands. Father Time is not kind to us who play the non-contact sport of golf. 😂 BTW are those Theragun devices the real deal?
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    PC “Woke” culture coming to your golf game

    Just a little satire for your Monday Morning!
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    PC “Woke” culture coming to your golf game

    After enduring a better part of 2020/2021 with “sanitizing” of society for “our benefit” I theorize that the game of golf could be their next target. Examples of what they could come up with: 1. The term “Handicap” is a derogatory term. You will now have a “index” or “potential for par value.”...
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    Most predictable clubs in your bag?

    Like an old friend. Never lets you down. Mine are a 7 wood, 8 iron, and 58* sand wedge.
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    Why Are You NOT Scheduling Lessons

    Nah, at my age my swing is held together with bailing wire, duct tape, and super glue. And I’m happy with that. Once we move to Florida in April, I may PT at a local course in exchange for a once a week lesson for Mrs. TLuke. I’d rather spend my money now on cheap golf, good steak, and good...
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    Tour Event 2021 Genesis Invitational

    30 mph is normal in Nebraska. Come play the Prairie Club in the Sand Hills of Nebraska and you will see wind!
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    USGA and R&A - Distance Rollback Proposals

    Just listening now to this subject on Golf Central. Very spirited discussion. I believe these changes will target the pro golfer only and not affect us weekday/weekend hacks. Just think of the OEM club and ball inventory that would be at risk if this was implemented across the board.

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