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    private clubs charging dues for closed course ?

    We're still paying our dues, but we get a matching credit each month (Example: Dues $400 / Credit $400) until everything is "back to normal" meaning when the clubhouse/restaurant are open business as usual. Those credited dues can be uses towards future food/beverage expenses, guest greens...
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    TaylorMade SIM Drivers

    As I previously mentioned in this thread, I gained 12yds carry, almost 2mph club speed & almost 4mph ball speed on average per TrackMan. (SIM vs. my M5 gamer). Now 2 of my good friends have been fitted into the SIM, too. Both reporting eye opening gains in carry yds and ball speed (moderate...
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    The THP Handicap Index

    You're allowed ONE optional 'breakfast ball' on the 1st tee
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    Average Driver Distance Relative to Index

    Per TrackMan - Average Carry: 278 - Average Total: 307 My current HDCP is +1
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    NEWS The USGA Distance Insights Project

    ....and I have the Superintendent of Streamsong Red/Blue telling me on Twitter that all courses play this way. "Plenty of amateur golfers have access to firm fairways" then he tells me to "Hit the ball lower" :ROFLMAO: what a turd :poop:
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    NEWS The USGA Distance Insights Project

    Cuz based on their "insights," adding length to courses costs money. So shouldn't shorter courses cost less money?
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    NEWS The USGA Distance Insights Project

    Davis said: “One of the other things that popped out was that at the other end of the game, the short hitters, we could make the game more enjoyable for everyone by exposing that courses do not have short enough forward tees. For beginners, seniors and some women, it’s just too long and golfers...
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    NEWS The USGA Distance Insights Project

    He's such a tool :rolleyes:
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    NEWS The USGA Distance Insights Project

    IDK where you're playing where "Average Joe" is running to play the tips? Definitely not at my club. Guys want any advantage they can get.
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    Tour Event 2020 AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am

    I'll only watch to see Phil play. If he plays bad & misses the cut, I'm out... I just hate the tournaments @ Pebble and the "pro-am" part of it
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    Tattoo's who has one, who wants one, and

    Yep... 1/2 sleeved on both arms, full chest piece, tops of my feet and a memorial for my Aunt on my right shoulder blade
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    Major Champion nearest your birthday

    I was born July 23, 1980.... So the 1980 Open Championship was July 17-20 @ Muirfield. My winner is Tom Watson :rolleyes:
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    Best Live Band You've Seen?

    When I think "best live band" I think of the band that sounds most like their studio albums, have great live musicianship and vocals. I don't need to say "wow" based on a stage show or theatrics... I'm there for the music and the vibe. That being said... Oasis and/or Noel Gallagher Blackberry...
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    PGA Tour Responds to Premier Golf League

    Premier Golf League? What the hell is that?!?! Seriously... I'm clueless and this is the first I've heard of it :unsure:

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