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    Bridgestone Irons

    Wanted to hear anyones reviews on Bridgestone irons they have hit. I hit some today. J36 Cavity irons. They look like blade irons from the topline but have a little cavity on them. I have an opportunity to get the 3I thru PW for 250 and they are brand new. They felt good and hit pure. Just want...

    Question About Shim's ?

    So I am getting my R11 reshafted and the normal stock r11 has a .350 tip however the guy at the local shop only has 335 tips but puts Shim's as he says it in the club to make a fit and be tight in a sense making it a .350 tip. Is this okay practice or should I be worried. Ive always gone to...

    Jacks Tournament at Muirfield. Memorial

    Hello, The memorial is the first weekend of june this coming year and looking for a weekend getaway to dublin. Its a 6 hour drive from me and thinking of getting two tickets for saturday sunday and watch some of the best. I know that is one of the biggest draws when it comes to talent in the...

    Feels like I lost it...

    Im sure others have gone through this so what is my next step. I drove the ball so well last year. consistently 280-300 This season I got the new R11 and its so inconsistent / including my last few round where im pounding everything in the ground. Ive never been this mentally hijacked by a...

    Pro's are scary

    So I look at pro's score and think well their good but wonder how they would do on the same courses most amateurs play. How good they would do. Well I heard from my buddy who is a teaching pro at a semi private course down the road from me. Woody Austin who is not a premier pro at all plays...

    THP ---- Im Shocked

    So Ive been on the forum for about a month or so now and am completely shocked by the place. Not only are most if not all members respectful and full of insight the interaction and number of posts per question or topic is nice to see. Nothing is worse than wanting to waste some time or look...

    Revelation on the Range

    So I have a members range pass which gives unlimited range time at the local Jack Nicklaus course. Bought it last sunday and spent 4 hours sunday, 2.5 hrs wednesday and then about 6 hours today. Anyways I plan on putting in more range time this season than course time at least 2 or 3 grueling...

    If you determined the OWGR what would they be?

    So who are your current top 10 on this sunday before DORAL heres mine: 1) Martin Kaymer ; Could win week in, week out / Consistent 2) Graeme McDowell ; I dont like the guy but every week you hear his name somehow on Sunday 3) Matt Kuchar; The most consistent American; but I dont see him the...

    Twitter and the Golf Connection

    So, I did see an old twitter thread on this site about people posting their name but got lost on it and moreso I wanted to post some notable names. My goal is to keep the list updated with Golf Pro's on top , then Golf Analysts, then THP members on Twitter. Here is the list I have compiled...

    Golf Channel Am Tour

    Hello, I know a few people on here have participated in Am Tour and wanted to know about it. I am registered for this season and cant wait to get started. What Should I Expect? How Many Tourneys did you participate in last year? ; Any Majors? * Also I think it would be cool to keep...

    Deals for St. Louis Golfers

    Guys if you are on facebook you can visit the following sites and earn free greens fees 1) Gateway National 2) Far Oaks 3) Stonewolf Like I said you have to visit their facebook pages and "like" them. if you do you get linked to their page where you put your name in and get your free greens...

    Ping k15 Fairway Woods

    Got a Ping k 15 3 wood to demo for the weekend and pretty excited to try it out. I will be hitting the range with it and also taking it out with me when I play my first round of the year this weekend. Anyone hit this club and what do they think. If I dont like this club will be getting the TM...

    Question about TaylorMade Custom Golf Balls

    Hello have a question about custom numbered Taylor Made Balls Was reading something on product reviews for TM Penta ball and read that you can get any number on the ball. Does anyone know how to go about doing this?

    Taylor Made and their Wedges

    I have liked Taylor Made's Z TP wedge however its no longer available through stores after they sell out of the wedges in store. The same goes for their newest wedge XFT with the replaceable face. Does anyone know from the Golfshow or heard anything about what they are going to be doing. I...

    Another From St. Louis

    Hello all newer to the forum but was at another forum similar to this forum. Played golf 6 or 7 years ago then took 5 years off. Started again last summer and got my handicap as low as 6 but now rests at 8.1 Goal is to be more consistent... Had some rounds in mid to low 70's with my lowest 9...

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